[uncle Che test drive] full of sports attributes! Is trumpchi shadow leopard worth buying?

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uncle che test drive sports

Young people buy cars , What do you want ? practical ? fuel-efficient ? Are not , These are too mainstream . Level of appearance 、 performance 、 Sense of movement , These are the favorites of young people ! So when link 03、 The civic 、 mg 6 And other models have achieved good results , GAC motor also brought a product prepared for young people : Shadow leopard . The shadow leopard, which focuses on the positioning of sports cars, is based on trumpchi GPMA Architecture to create ,9.83-12.80 The price of 10000 yuan is also within the budget of most young consumer groups . But is the shadow leopard worth buying ? How does it feel to drive ? Come and experience it with Uncle Che !

There are many popular compact cars in the price range of shadow leopard , But whether it is a joint venture brand or an independent brand , All put the family attribute in the first place . But the shadow leopard doesn't seem to want to go this way , Trying to be the most sporty model in this level is the biggest goal .

Shadow leopard provides two designs according to different configurations ,J10 Flying man and J11 The version uses a sporty look Kit , The interior of the front grille is a parametric wing shape , The whole is relatively introverted ; and J15 Version and J16 The version adopts the fighter shape and appearance Kit , The large hexagonal grille adopts the straight waterfall medium grid inside , In addition, the special-shaped headlight group and bright yellow carbon fiber design trim panel have more impact .

Besides , Shadow leopard also offers a wide range of body colors , Including supersonic red 、 ivory 、 Elegant black 、 Bright moon grey 、 The high light fighter green and the matte fighter green that need to be optional are 6 Color , At the same time, the interior also provides all black 、 Black and yellow 、 Black and red colors .

Shadow leopard's side shape has good fluency ,0.26Cd The wind drag coefficient of the whole vehicle is also at a higher level in the same level .J15 Version and J16 The version is in the rearview mirror 、 The imitation carbon fiber decoration at the details such as the side skirt is very sporty , The brake caliper is also equipped with a caliper cover in metallic yellow . In addition, the tail exhaust also adopts the design of double-sided four out , comparison J10 Flying man and J11 The visual effect of the version will be better .

Into the car , The sports style and fighting atmosphere of the whole car have been further improved . The symmetrical central control layout creates a strong sports atmosphere , The dual screen design also takes into account the sense of science and Technology , The alignment mark on the steering wheel and the shift mechanism of the aircraft control lever can definitely stimulate the driver's desire to drive .ADiGO The intelligent interconnected ecosystem supports a wealth of App Expand , Intelligent voice assistant and in car visual biometric technology can also realize face recognition 、 Fatigue driving monitoring and other functions .

However, uncle Che is more interested in the driving experience of Yingbao , From the third generation of GAC motor JuLang power 1.5T GDI The engine has 177Ps Maximum power of , as well as 270N·m Maximum torque of , What matches it is a 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox . The chassis adopts the former McPherson, which is common in the same level + Rear multi link four-wheel independent suspension .

I've learned the basic information of shadow leopard , It's time for us to talk about the driving experience of shadow leopard . First of all, Yingbao's throttle adjustment is very sensitive , even ECO Mode can also bring light acceleration ability , For the first time to start shadow leopard, you will feel that starting acceleration is very “ Run ”. In the middle and high speed section , The shadow leopard 1.5T The engine can still bring good acceleration performance . Torque can be from 2500rpm It began to explode around , Until 6000rpm There will be no significant attenuation .

But apart from the power performance , The sound of the shadow leopard may be more attractive to young people . The shadow leopard is equipped with an exhaust valve that can be manually controlled or automatically adjusted according to the driving mode , Even if you don't turn on the sports mode, there will be a very obvious sound wave . But after all, it's just a 1.5T Displacement model , Don't ask too much for the timbre of sound waves . But on the road , There is no problem making a full return rate .

Speaking of driving mode , Shadow leopard provides ECO Energy saving mode 、COMFORT Comfort mode 、SPORT Sports mode 、DIY Pattern , And those that require the dealer to provide an activation code to unlock SPORT+ Speed mode optional , The driving mode can be switched through the touch screen or the paddle on the left side of the gear handle .

SPORT+ Speed mode is the most powerful of shadow leopards “ form ” 了 ,SPORT+ In extreme speed mode, the central control screen will automatically switch to a very professional five linked meter mode , The instrument panel can display more engine parameters . At the same time, the transmission will shift at a higher speed , Dynamic response also becomes more timely .

For the shadow leopard with full motion attributes , Don't expect a comfortable chassis performance . The overall adjustment of this chassis is very sporty , Generally speaking, it is very hard . The purpose of this is to achieve more accurate road sense transmission , And provide better support , The overall handling of the shadow leopard is indeed excellent , The whole has a good sense of firmness . But then there are obvious bumps , When driving at high speed, some small road height differences can also be instantly perceived by the driver . So if your car scene is often not alone , Maybe the other passengers on the bus don't feel so comfortable .

Car uncle summary

GAC motor shadow leopard is a vehicle with a very distinctive personality , It has a sporty design 、 The interior full of fighting atmosphere , And the power performance with obvious advantages in the same level . However, the chassis has an obvious adjustment focusing on handling , It also conforms to the temperament of the whole vehicle . But at the same time , Shadow leopard also sacrificed a lot of comfort , The daily ride experience is not excellent . I usually drive by myself , And for young people who pursue a sense of movement , Shadow leopard is very worth considering , After all, this is a rare model in the same class that can achieve such extreme sports attributes ; But if your car needs to be responsible for taking your family out in the future , Uncle Che suggested that it would be better to take a test drive and feel it in person .

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