The last struggle! Can Versailles C5 x reverse Citroen's decline?

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struggle versailles c5 reverse citroen

“ Versailles ” The word is popular this year , It has always been regarded as synonymous with showing off , In this day and age , Showing off requires a certain amount of capital , If you are strong enough, people will give you a lot of tolerance . In the car circle ,“ Versailles ” There are also many car enterprises and models , However, Versailles is the only one that is brazenly named after this word C5 X This one .

In the near future , Dongfeng Citroen Versailles C5 X Officially open presale , A total of... New cars have been launched 4 But only the pre-sale prices of the entry-level and top version are published , Interval is 14.37~18.67 Ten thousand yuan . This model is based on EMP2 Platform to build , Positioned as a medium-sized vehicle , It is expected that this year 9 Month official listing , Next, let's take a look at the performance of the car .


Versailles C5 X The design is inspired by the previously released CXperience Concept car , The overall feeling is more avant-garde and fashionable . The specific term , The front face of the new model adopts a split headlamp group ,X Type LED Daytime running lights and LED The headlights set off the whole front face very aggressively , In addition, the new car is also equipped with automatic headlights and headlights to accompany me home . The front air grille of the new car is relatively flat , It is also equipped with active air inlet grille , It has good heat dissipation .

Body size , The specific length, width and height of the new models are 4805×1865×1505 mm, The wheelbase is 2785mm, It doesn't have any advantage in the field of medium-sized vehicles . The new car is equipped with a beautiful side waist line under the window , And from the front to the rear , The bottom is also equipped with 19 Inch petal style rim , The whole side attitude is extremely moving .

Versailles C5 X The tail shape of the is full , And have a good sense of hierarchy , The forked tail lamp group echoes the shape of the headlamp group , The double-layer rear spoiler and the black lower surround at the bottom jointly build the visual hierarchy of the rear part . But unfortunately, this model adopts hidden exhaust , It does not further enhance the sports atmosphere of the whole vehicle .

Interior design

Versailles C5 X The interior design is not as amazing as the appearance , We can see the previous interior style of Citroen brand from the details . The whole center console of the new car has a regular shape , It belongs to the more common type , The use of materials in the car lacks a certain sense of grade , But fortunately, the texture and texture of the light colored trim panel throughout the center console are quite good . Besides , The new models are also equipped with 7 Inch LCD dashboard and 12 Inch display screen , The central control screen is built-in 3.0 Intelligent networking system , And has more comprehensive on-board software .

Depending on the configuration , Versailles C5 X The interior seats are wrapped in imitation leather and leather respectively , In terms of function, it provides electric adjustment of the driver's seat and passenger's seat , Front seat heating / ventilation / massage , Driver's power seat memory , Front passenger seat, rear adjustable button, etc . The surface texture of the seats in the new car is very special , The stitches at the details and different color decoration reflect a certain sense of design , The interior filler of the front seat in the vehicle is soft , There is a certain sense of immersion when riding , Fairly comfortable .

The rear seats of the new car continue the two-color design of the front row , The rear row is provided with a central armrest with a cup holder , Rear exhaust outlet and USB Interfaces, etc. , The function performance is relatively comprehensive . Besides , The seats on both sides of the rear row have certain invaginations , The central bulge of the platform is not large , Vertical space performs well .

dynamic system

Versailles C5 X In terms of power, it matches the latest 1.6T Turbocharged all aluminum engine , Its maximum output power is 175 horsepower , Peak torque is 250 Cattle meters . Transmission system , What matches it is 8 Speed automatic transmission .

Model configuration and purchase suggestions

As EMP2 Products under the platform , Versailles C5 X It has an extremely avant-garde design , But relatively speaking, the interior styling of the new car is very conservative . According to official information , The car will be produced in Citroen's Chengdu factory and sold all over the world , It was officially delivered in the fourth quarter of this year . The new car has been launched for 4 Model configuration , The pre-sale price range is 14.37~18.67 Ten thousand yuan , Price span 4.3 Ten thousand yuan .

2021 paragraph 1.6T Enjoy extraordinary

Recommend index :*

Configure comments : Only matching basic functions , Poor experience

Pre-sale price 14.37 Ten thousand yuan , As an entry-level of the whole department ,1.6T Enjoy extraordinary is only equipped with body stability control , Reversing image , Cruise control , Driving mode switch , Panoramic skylight can be opened , Keyless start , Keyless entry , Active closed intake grille ,7 Inch LCD instrument , Electric adjustment of driver's and passenger's seats, etc , The function configuration is relatively basic , The sense of experience is average .

2021 paragraph 1.6T Extraordinary

Recommend index :**

Configure comments : Add active and passive security configuration

1.6T Compared with the entry-level model , Lane departure warning is mainly added , Lane Keeping Assist , Road traffic sign recognition , Take the initiative to brake , Fatigue driving reminder , Rear parking radar , Active and passive safety configurations such as full speed adaptive cruise , For consumers who often travel in cities , It is very necessary to improve the function in this aspect .

2021 paragraph 1.6T More extraordinary

Recommend index :***

Configure comments : The function is greatly improved , The overall cost performance is high

Secondary top configuration version , This configuration is compared to 1.6T The trend is extraordinary, and the auxiliary of merging line is added , Front parking radar ,360 Degree panoramic image , Reverse vehicle side warning , Electric rear compartment , Sensing the rear compartment , Electric rear compartment position memory , Head up digital display , Wireless charging of mobile phone , Front seat heating ,LED Front fog lamp , Monochrome interior atmosphere lamp, etc , More comprehensive functional performance , Meet the car needs of contemporary consumers , The overall cost performance is high .

2021 paragraph 1.6T Brilliant

Recommend index :*

Configure comments : More comprehensive functions , But the price is higher

Top configuration of the whole system , This configuration has the unique passive pedestrian protection in the whole family , Leather seats , Front seat ventilation / massage , Driver's power seat memory , Adjustable button at the rear of the front passenger seat , Automatic anti glare of interior rearview mirror, etc , More comprehensive functional performance , However, the overall increase is small and the price is high , It's not worth recommending .

Car uncle summary

For the whole Dongfeng Citroen brand ,2021 Year is the key year of its brand upward strategy , Versailles C5 X As an important part of this strategy, Citroen has high hopes . From the above for Versailles C5 X We can see that , This model is brilliant in design , But in the car space 、 The functional configuration and power can not meet the requirements of domestic consumers for joint ventures B Demand for class cars , In short : Cannot be compatible with French style and Chinese needs .

Chinese people buy cars or pursue big space , practical ; Or pursue big brands , Have face ; Or pursue economy , The maintenance is cheap ; Unfortunately, Citroen and Versailles C5 X None of them meet the above requirements . This is also truly reflected in the sales level , stay 2021 In the first half of the year , The cumulative sales volume of Citroen's whole brand is only 11,817 platform , It's not as good as one month's sales data of many single models , It's only a matter of time before we exit the Chinese market . in general , Legal models have certain advantages and characteristics , But it's true that there are not many audiences , After all, there are too many brands and models for Chinese consumers to choose in the domestic auto market , There is no shortage of these cars !

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