Less than 150000 48V light hybrid high appearance SUV, Lingjie s will exceed your expectations

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48v light hybrid high appearance

So-called 48V Light mixed system , Is to preserve the tradition 12V An additional set of... Is added on the basis of the electrical system 48V Electrical system , utilize 48V The power to start the generator makes up for the low speed torque of the internal combustion engine , So as to achieve the effect of fuel saving . Under the promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction policies , A variety of hybrid technologies came into being ,48V Technology relies on its own natural advantages , It has become the choice of many car enterprises .

And it has attracted public attention , It goes back to 2011 About years ago , Audi as a luxury brand 、 BMW 、 Mercedes 、 Jointly released by Porsche and Volkswagen 48V System , Later on 2016 Gradually promote in the domestic market in , It has become a luxury model “ Standard configuration ” technology . And in the joint venture brand 15 The price range of 10000 yuan is compact SUV In the model , There is and only one model equipped with 48V Light mixed system , That's the Ford field S.

In this year 4 Shanghai Auto Show , New frontiers S Smart collar light hybrid is officially listed , The price is 14.18 Ten thousand yuan , Luxury models “ Standard configuration ” Of 48V Light mixing system is not absent . It still carries EcoBoost 145 Miller cycle turbocharged direct injection engine , Integrated with Ford in cylinder direct injection 、 Variable camshaft timing and turbocharging are three key technologies for fuel economy and power improvement , with 11.42:1 High efficiency compression ratio . Can burst out 103kW Maximum power and 225N·m Maximum torque of , Truly accomplish “ Small and strong ”.

also , stay 48V With the help of light mixing system , Can provide additional 10kW、54N·m Power support , Improved performance . At the same time, it can also make the vehicle have a good performance in fuel economy , Fuel consumption is only 6.3L/100km, The comprehensive fuel saving rate has reached 10%.

In the actual driving process , Collar S The power output is smooth , The driving experience belongs to a relaxed style . If you want to speed up overtaking or go wild on mountain roads , Just switch to “SPORT” Pattern , Throttle response speed and engine speed will be active , Always ready to bring the fastest dynamic response to the driver .

Of course , Collar S The highlight of smart collar light hybrid is more than 48V Performance improvement of light mixing system , Fashionable modeling is also a major feature that it can attract many young people . The front grille of the star dome concept is matched with a matrix LED headlamps , The style is magnificent , The design is very modern .

And most compact SUV comparison , Collar S Your size is of medium build , however 2716mm Super long wheelbase and 1936mm Wide body , Can bring before 、 Free and non oppressive space experience in the back row , So that every driver and passenger can find the ideal sitting position .

Compared with the fashionable and atmospheric front face , The rear of the car gives people a very stocky feeling , The exhaust layout uses a hidden design , And equipped with exquisite flying wing LED Tail lights , Finish with chrome trim , Create a good visual effect .

With a popular look , Collar S The interior design is unforgettable . The center console is not only wrapped with a large area of soft materials , It also has wood grain 、 Piano paint baking and sewing process , The sense of luxury and texture are far superior to those of competitors at the same level .

Of course , Can reflect the breath of science and Technology 10.25 Inch LCD dashboard and 10.1 Inch center control screen , Collar S Smart collar light hybrid also has . It is worth mentioning that , Tencent is built into the central control screen TAI Automotive intelligence system , Bring your own car wechat , It can easily realize social networking anytime, anywhere , Cloud microenterprise voice assistant 、 Enjoy listening to 、 Functions such as small car scenes can also make the journey full of fun .

In addition to the visible sense of Technology , Invisible security is also important . Collar S The smart collar light hybrid is equipped with Ford Co-Pilot360 Intelligent driving assistance system , Integrated intelligent induction braking protection system 、 Active park assist 、ACC Intelligent driving assistance such as full speed intelligent adaptive cruise control system , All round protection for car owners , Deal with all kinds of road conditions calmly , Make driving more carefree .

The present , The epidemic caused by COVID-19 mutant strain Delta has been continuously distributed in China , In the face of another resurgence of the epidemic , A healthy and reassuring interior environment is particularly important . Collar S Smart collar light hybrid is equipped with CN95 Air filter element + Anion air purifier , Yes 0.3 The filtration rate of micron particles is as high as 95.5%, At the same time, strict VOC control , Truly accomplish “CN95 Health cockpit ”!

In terms of appearance , Collar S It belongs to the category of sports , It's very in line with young people's preferences . meanwhile , It has the only in its class 48V Light mixed system , Enough power 、 Lower fuel consumption , It can definitely bring you a superior experience . If you are interested, you can go to the store , It shouldn't disappoint you .

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