Equipped with "champion's eye", the champion version of the new BJ40 ring tower is priced at 209900 yuan

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equipped champion eye champion version

since 2017 Year of “ A star ring tower ”, To 2021 year “ Four star ring tower ”,BJ40 The ring tower champion version has gone through four generations , Become a hot commodity in cross-country circles .BJ40 The reason why the ring tower champion version is pursued by cross-country enthusiasts , There are not only four ring towers, but also halos , More right BJ40 Trust in their own hard core strength .

8 month 12 Japan , nickname “ Storm ” A new generation of BJ40 The ring tower champion version was officially launched , Official guided price 20.99 Ten thousand yuan , From the name, we can know the deep origin of the ring tower Rally :2017-2019 year , Beijing cross country BJ40 Go to the ring tower Rally , Create the legendary cause of three consecutive titles ; Once again this year, I went to the Dakar Rally , Win the rookie group crown 、 the 、 The bronze , Carry the glory of China's cross-country with one's own strength .

It's no exaggeration to say ,BJ40 It's not just a product , But a kind of glory , A symbol of identity . except BJ40 In addition to the title of the ring tower champion , It also gave a nickname to the limited edition model for the first time ,“ Storm ” It means successfully conquering the of cross-country people with the power of storm “ ambition ”.

since 2017 year BJ40 Win the ring tower championship in one fell swoop , Snap up that year's BJ40 The ring tower championship has become the annual event of the cross-country circle . Champion aura blessing , Coupled with the scarcity of sales , since 2017 year -2019 year , Once the champion version of each generation of ring tower is on sale, it will soon sell out , Regarded as an off-road ring “ Hard currency ”.

This year's “ Four star ring tower ” It continues the previous three generations “ fine tradition ”, The pre-sale opened soon , Several hundred “ Storm ” It was locked by the buyer . It even appeared 700 A number of car protagonists 1 Car owner No , Compete for a new generation BJ40 Ring tower champion car number one —— Storm NO.0001, The pre-sale channel was once congested .

A whole new generation BJ40 The ring tower Champion Edition not only has a limited number of exclusive sections , Exclusive colors have evolved . Based on the color matching of Desert Gold , Highlight the champion with storm Grey's exclusive matte paint , Showing the storm atmosphere of conquering the desert . The exclusive color is BJ40 The tradition of champion Limited Edition , From the first “ Flame red ” Color , To deep sea blue and flame red , Until then “ Desert Gold ” And now “ Storm grey exclusive matte paint color ”, Exclusive color is not only the interpretation of cross-country culture , It is also the evolution of color preferences of young consumers .

Of course , The glory of the champion is imprinted on the body, more than that , Unique jacquard design with cool black grille , Plus the exclusive LCD instrument panel and central control theme of the ring tower 、 Embroidered seat logo 、 Unique champion logo such as limited number logo , Show your exclusive champion temperament everywhere .

The glory of the champion needs the hard core strength of the top grid to defend , Only at a critical moment can “ Branch up ”. A whole new generation BJ40 The ring tower champion version inherits the pure cross-country gene of Beijing cross-country , Whether it's body structure or off-road performance , It can be called BJ40 The strongest product in the Legion .

The off-road weapon used by ordinary off-road vehicles to boast , Time sharing four-wheel drive 、 Complete “ Three locks ” It's just “ Storm ” The basic configuration of . The time-sharing 4WD can realize the hard connection of front and rear axles , Keep the speed of front and rear axles consistent , stay 4L Torque amplification in mode 2.542 times , Plus the front 、 Rear mechanical differential lock , Ensure that the four wheel speeds are balanced , Even if it crosses the cross axis 、 Shell pit 、 There is no fear on the muddy road .

As the king of off-road performance ,BJ40 The power of the ring tower champion continues to evolve , From “2.3T+6AT or 5MT” Upgrade to “2.0T+8AT”, This is also “ Storm ” Strong driving force, proud capital . hive 2.0T+8AT powertrain , It can explode 165kW Maximum power and 380N•m Peak torque , Not only the performance is strong, but also “ No picky eaters ”, It only needs 92 No. 1 gasoline can run freely .

There is a saying in the off-road circle ,“ In such an extreme natural environment as the desert , many 1° grasp , That is more 1° free ”. 1° The critical moment may be the difference between heaven and earth .“ Thanks to the 37° Super large approach angle 、31° Super departure angle 、220mm Superelevation ground clearance ,“ Storm ” It has the incomparable super trafficability of ordinary off-road vehicles .

And high rigid body , It provides a solid security guarantee for the old cross-country guns to go wild . It adopts a lightweight front axle with high strength and durability , Weight reduction 23.7%, Torque load increase 12%, Improve heat dissipation performance 170%, Under extreme operating conditions, the oil temperature is lower , Longer service life , Bring better environmental adaptability , Plus the unique racing grade roll cage ,“ Storm ” It can give old guns a solid sense of trust .

Compared with the previous three generations of limited edition models , A whole new generation BJ40 One of the biggest changes in the champion version of the ring tower , Is to introduce intelligent interconnection into the off-road vehicle market , And get through the smart car service + The whole scene of YUEYE circle , In the cross-country world of China “ Intelligent off-road ” The route of the .

Many people think , Today, with the rapid development of intelligence , Smart car machines are not uncommon Technology , It has been widely used in family cars and ordinary cars SUV in , but “ Storm ” The research and development ideas and functions of intelligent networking are completely different , It is an intelligent vehicle system designed for off-road scenes , The function settings are all around the off-road scene , It is the intelligent system that knows off-road best .

For example, its forward-looking image system , When an old cross-country gun challenges uphill , In extreme road conditions such as narrow roads , The blind spot in front of us is a headache , A little carelessness can lead to problems , And with this system , You can easily control the whole situation in the car , It's more confident to play with sand and mud , Is the “ Champion's eye “, See through the off-road road at a glance .

At the same time, it carries wechat on for the first time BJ40 On , Online synchronization with mobile wechat , You can also travel in teams 、 Cross country guidebooks, etc , Facilitate real-time communication and interaction between teammates ; Intelligent voice interaction system , just “ Move the mouth ” You can navigate 、 Multimedia and other functions , Let off-road enthusiasts focus on enjoying the pleasure of conquering off-road . More awesome is ,“ Storm ” It also supports functions such as remote vehicle control , It can realize the of off-road vehicles OTA upgrade .

It's no exaggeration to say , A whole new generation BJ40 The ring tower Champion Edition not only has the champion glory blessing , The family genetic advantage brought by conquering the ring tower devil stage several times , Have top grid off-road strength and “ Champion's eye ” This technology configuration leads the intelligent trend of exclusive off-road scenes , Can be said to be 20 10000 top grid professional cross-country choice .

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