In the car market in July under the chip shortage, independent brands are very calm, and joint venture car enterprises are suppressed!

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car market july chip shortage


The epidemic situation superimposes the flood situation , Plus the chip crisis ,7 As expected, the total volume of retail and wholesale sales is weak .7 The retail volume of passenger car market in January was 150.0 Thousands of cars , Year on year 2020 year 7 Month down 6.2%, Wholesale volume 150.7 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 8.2%. But compared to the 2019 year 7 month , This year, 7 Monthly sales increased slightly 1%,1-7 The cumulative retail sales volume reached 1144.5 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 22.9%, Among them, independent brands are getting better , And the export volume also showed explosive growth , Become 7 The biggest highlight of the car market in January .


There is no lack of bright spots in the falling car market

7 The performance of the monthly car market is not ideal , Sedan 、SUV、MPV The market performance in the three major fields has declined year-on-year and month on month , The monthly retail sales of cars are 72.1 Thousands of cars , A fall 6.6%, Decline in chain ratio 5.9%.SUV The result is 69.1 Thousands of cars , Lower than the sales of cars , and MPV Sales are as low as cars and SUV The sales volume of the two segments is a fraction , have only 8.7 Thousands of cars .


Although the sales performance in all three areas fell , But there are also bright spots in the overall market , Domestic new car exports soared , Including the whole vehicle and CKD,7 Passenger cars exported in May increased year-on-year 212% to 12.8 Thousands of cars . Among them, the contribution of independent brands is the largest , The export volume reached 9 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 160%, Joint venture brand export 1.7 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 120%.
The domestic export volume of new cars has increased significantly , On the one hand, it shows that the technology of domestic models is becoming stronger and stronger , High international recognition , On the other hand, it is affected by the external environment , As the epidemic spread abroad for a long time , In addition, there is a shortage of chips , Many car companies stop production , The dealer has no cars to sell , Now the epidemic situation in some overseas countries and regions is gradually improving , Consumers' travel demand increases , At this time, more foreign users have to buy imported vehicles , This creates opportunities for independent auto enterprises to restore production capacity early .


More Than This , Now European countries have issued fire bans , Vigorously promote the development of intelligent electric vehicles , Compared with overseas enterprises , China's new energy vehicle enterprises, regardless of model richness , Or car making technology , Have advantages over overseas automobile brands , Therefore, independent new energy vehicle enterprises have gone overseas , Seize the European market .
So you can also see ,7 Monthly new car exports , The proportion of new energy vehicles is as high as 20%. Tesla China exports 2.43 Thousands of cars , SAIC's new energy export of passenger cars is 0.44 Thousands of cars .
It is worth mentioning that , New energy vehicles are also the only market segment to achieve sales growth against the trend , Retail sales reached 22.2 Thousands of cars , Against the trend year-on-year growth 169.4%, This year, 1-7 month , The retail sales of new energy vehicles reached 122.9 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 210.2%. At present, new energy vehicles have achieved the substitution effect on the fuel vehicle market , And drive the pace of the transformation of the auto market to new energy .


Toyota stands out in the joint venture camp

Look again. 7 The top ten car companies in the month , The joint venture brand suffered a heavy blow ,6 Car companies , Only Toyota's achievements ushered in growth , Among them, the sales volume of FAW Toyota increased year-on-year 0.4% to 7.2 Thousands of cars , GAC Toyota's performance increased year-on-year 3.3% to 7.1 Thousands of cars .

The top three joint venture car companies are still FAW - The public 、 SAIC Volkswagen and SAIC GM , Their sales fell sharply year-on-year , But thanks to the previous large sales base , Therefore, the performance ranking after the decline is still very high .
This year, Volkswagen and GM are deeply affected by the chip shortage , The factory is out of production , The amount of products supplied to dealers has been greatly reduced . It is reported that Volkswagen in order to reduce losses , It also stopped production of less profitable models , Supply limited chips to high profit models . Because the sales volume of Volkswagen and GM is very large , In addition, the vehicle has many electronic functions , Therefore, the demand for chips is also high , So when the chip cannot be supplied normally , Production and sales will fall sharply .

In fact, it is not just Volkswagen and GM that are affected by chips , A number of Japanese brands have also limited their production capacity due to the shortage of chips , Nissan and Honda are the two most serious brands . Toyota is less affected , This also reflects that there is a large gap in the capacity of supply chain system among enterprises .
At present, the shortage of chips is still fermenting overseas , And chip capacity has not recovered , The sales performance of joint venture brands will not improve much . in addition , The sales volume of domestic independent new energy vehicles increased rapidly , Coupled with the rapid development of other electronic industries , The demand for electronic chips is very high , This will further affect the chip production quota of joint venture car enterprises , For some time to come , The performance of joint venture car enterprises will generally continue to decline .

Independent brands are thriving

When the joint venture brand is worried about the shortage of chips , Independent car companies have handed over a brilliant report card ,7 Monthly retail sales of independent brands are 64 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 20%, Chain ratio 6 Monthly growth 5%, relative 2019 year 7 Monthly growth 23%. Among the top ten independent brands , Except Geely's performance fell , changan 、 SAIC GM Wuling 、 The achievements of the three great wall brands are all positive growth , Among them, the sales growth of great wall motor is as high as 25.5%.

In fact, the above four auto companies are only the epitome of the prosperity of their own brands , Ideal 、 Xiao peng 、 Wei to 、 joint 、 Zero run and other new forces car enterprises 7 The monthly sales volume is excellent year-on-year and month on month , Among them, Weilai automobile with the smallest year-on-year increase also reached 124.5%, The year-on-year increase in sales of zero running cars was as high as 666%.
The achievements of old and new car enterprises are getting better , It directly drives the market share of independent brands to rise ,7 In June, the retail share of independent brands in China was 42.5%, Year-on-year increase 9 percentage , The wholesale market share is 45.4%, Share growth over the same period 12 percentage .

It is estimated that many people have questions , Facing the same car market , Why are independent car companies not affected by chips , And the joint venture brand is crying ?
There are three main reasons , The first is that the sales base of independent brands is lower than that of joint venture brands . The second is that the allocation of chips by joint venture brands also needs to take into account the needs of overseas markets , The customers of independent brands are more concentrated in China . The third is that the self-sufficiency between domestic auto enterprises and chip enterprises is becoming stronger and stronger , For example, the customers of the chip industry giant horizon are Chang'an 、 The Great Wall 、 chery 、 Trumpchi and other independent brands , And the new model released earlier is ideal ONE Also take the horizon journey 3 chip , So in the face of the chip crisis , Independent car companies will be more calm .
But what I need to say is , Chip shortage has brought good overtaking opportunities to independent car enterprises , And want to grasp the active advantage in the auto market for a long time , Independent brands should continue to enhance their competitiveness .



Before the chip crisis is solved , The overall sales volume of the car market will not be too optimistic , Only enterprises with strong supply chain have greater opportunities to achieve positive sales growth , Toyota and various independent brands are good examples . Because the supply of independent chips is sufficient , The chip crisis also gives independent brands the opportunity to surpass joint venture car enterprises . In the future, the joint venture brand wants to be a leader in China's automobile market , It is necessary to improve the supply toughness of the industrial chain as soon as possible .

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