First "break up" with China FAW, and then end the OEM for Xiaopeng. How will the future road of Haima automobile go?

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break china faw end oem

Reporter Li Xing

With China FAW “ Break up ” after , The cooperation between Haima automobile and Xiaopeng automobile may also be terminated .

recently , Xiaopeng automobile's third largest production base started construction in Wuhan , Capacity planning is 10 Thousands of cars . With the start of Xiaopeng automobile Wuhan base construction project , The outside world has speculated that Xiaopeng automobile may terminate the OEM of Haima automobile . Regarding this , The relevant person in charge of Haima automobile did not deny , He told the 《 The daily economic news 》 The reporter said ,“ At the end of this year , Our OEM cooperation with Xiaopeng automobile will be terminated . The two sides ended their cooperation only because the contract signed by the two sides will expire at the end of this year .”

Haima automobile (000572.SZ) since 2017 Since then , Due to the steep decline in sales, they began to lose money , And in 2019 year 4 Moon cover “ Wear a hat ”, The stock code is changed to “*ST The hippocampus ”, Risk of delisting . Although the seahorse car through a series of adjustments , This year 5 Success in the month “ uncap ”, However, the new car sales and operating performance of the company are still not ideal .


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“ At this time, Xiaopeng car's exit , For seahorse, which is trying to get out of trouble , No doubt it's worse .” Ren Wanfu, an auto industry analyst, said , The OEM cooperation with Xiaopeng automobile is terminated , Haima automobile will lack the income from OEM , Idle production capacity may exacerbate the company's losses .

With China FAW 、 After Xiaopeng car broke up , How does the seahorse car seek development in the dilemma , It has become a major problem to be solved first .


Or seek other cooperation to release production capacity

2017 year , Xiaopeng automobile cooperates with Haima automobile without production qualification , The first mass production vehicle was manufactured by Haima automobile —— Xiao peng G3.

2017 year 9 month 30 Japan , Seahorse motor released a notice saying , The company 2017 year 9 month 29 Guangzhou Xiaopeng Automobile Technology Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as Xiaopeng automobile ) Signed 《 Xiaopeng brand automobile cooperative manufacturing framework agreement 》( hereinafter referred to as 《 agreement 》), The two sides will cooperate in R & D 、 production 、 Sales of Xiaopeng new energy vehicles .

The cooperation project of both parties is , Within the scope agreed by both parties through negotiation , Xiaopeng automobile will authorize Haima automobile to use its trademark and related technology , Produce agreement products , Haima automobile is responsible for the production of agreement products ; Both parties preliminarily determine that the production capacity of the agreed products is 5 Thousands of cars / year ; The first agreement product was made in 2017 Mass production by the end of the year .


picture source : The daily economic news Data figure

Disclosure of information , Haima Xiaopeng intelligent factory in Zhengzhou , Covering an area of about 45 Thousands of square meters , The total investment exceeds 20 One hundred million yuan , The construction capacity of phase I is 15 Thousands of cars / year . The factory is a brand-new factory jointly built by Haima automobile and Xiaopeng automobile .

2017 year 10 month , Haima Xiaopeng intelligent factory mass production offline Xiaopeng 1.0 Version model , Xiaopeng is the first mass production model of Xiaopeng automobile G3 Also born here .“ According to the high intelligence product characteristics of Xiaopeng automobile , The factory has introduced a large number of intelligent equipment and control schemes in planning and construction , Truly realize the production of intelligent vehicles .” Li Wanfeng, assistant general manager of Haima Automobile Co., Ltd., once said publicly .

2018 year 12 month , Xiao peng G3 Put into operation in the factory , And in 2019 year 6 In June, the... Was realized 10000 Xiao Peng Che G3 Offline , Let Xiaopeng become the first car from product launch to 10000 The fastest off-line car building new force enterprise .

According to the agreement , The OEM cooperation agreement signed by Haima automobile and Xiaopeng automobile is valid from 《 agreement 》 From the date of signing to 2021 year 12 month 31 Day end . however ,《 agreement 》 It was also clear that , After the agreement expires , If both parties have no objection , This Agreement shall be automatically renewed .

however , From the rapid layout of Xiaopeng automobile to Zhaoqing 、 Guangzhou 、 Three manufacturing bases in Wuhan , And through purchase “ curve ” A series of actions such as obtaining production qualification , Its OEM cooperation with Haima automobile is likely to be in 《 agreement 》 Termination upon expiration .“ Zhengzhou factory is an intelligent automobile production factory built by Haima automobile , It's not built for a certain car standard of Xiaopeng automobile , According to different models 、 Different styles are adjusted accordingly , Produce any model .” The relevant person in charge of Haima automobile said , After termination of cooperation with Xiaopeng automobile , Seahorse will then seek cooperation with other companies to release production capacity , Or make your own models , Improve capacity utilization .

Regarding this , Ren Wanfu thinks , Haima automobile has OEM experience for Xiaopeng automobile , Can continue to OEM other brands , Or sublet according to industrial land , This is also a way to reduce the burden . however , Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the national passenger vehicle market information Federation, thinks , The cooperation with Xiaopeng automobile is terminated , For today's seahorse cars, it will cause a certain pressure .


The sustainability of continuous OEM is not strong

in fact , Xiaopeng automobile and Haima automobile will terminate their cooperation. There is a long omen . As early as 2017 year 12 month , Xiaopeng Intelligent Network Technology Industrial Park ( Zhaoqing factory ) The foundation has been laid , The annual production capacity of phase I is 20 Thousands of cars , And in 2019 year 9 Completion and trial production in June .

And then , Xiaopeng car in 2020 In, he obtained the production qualification through the acquisition of Guangdong Fudi Automobile Co., Ltd , And as a licensed vehicle manufacturer, it is listed in the No. 1 document issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology 332 batch 《 Road motor vehicle manufacturers and product announcements 》 Published in . thus , The production qualification of Xiaopeng Auto's self built factory has been finalized , Its second mass production model —— Xiao peng P7 Mass production was officially launched in Zhaoqing factory .

From here on , The pace of Xiaopeng's self built factory also began to speed up .2020 year 9 month , Xiaopeng automobile intelligent network automobile intelligent manufacturing base laid the foundation in Guangzhou Development Zone , Plans to 2022 Commissioning at the end of the ;2021 year 4 month , Xiaopeng automobile Wuhan intelligent network automobile manufacturing base and R & D center project are located in Wuhan Economic Development Zone , Vehicle project planning capacity 10 Thousands of cars , And this year 7 Start construction at the end of the month , Is expected to be in 2023 Annual commissioning .


picture source : The daily economic news Data figure

Cui Dongshu said , New energy vehicles are the main development direction of China's automobile industry in the future , It is also an important project for local governments to attract investment . For Xiaopeng automobile , Self built factories with local government support , Compared with the OEM mode, the benefit of production is greater .

The reporter consulted Xiaopeng's official website and found that , At present, Xiaopeng automobile has G3、P7、P5 Three models are on sale , And an upcoming G3 Model change G3i. It is worth noting that , Xiaopeng automobile has only G3 Produced in Haima Xiaopeng intelligent factory , And after the change G3i Will no longer be produced in this factory .

according to the understanding of ,G3i The rear logo of the model no longer has “ The hippocampus ” word .“ This year, 9 Delivery started in January G3i It will be produced in Zhaoqing factory .” A relevant staff member close to Xiaopeng automobile told reporters , Xiao peng G3 It will continue to be OEM by Haima automobile .

“ Xiaopeng automobile leaves Haima automobile to produce independently , It can better control the vehicle quality 、 Control all aspects such as safety , Reduce potential risks . As a OEM car enterprise , Seahorse car itself does not have a strong core technology , And brand influence for Xiaopeng automobile . such , The sustainability of continued OEM cooperation between the two sides will be weakened .” Cui Dong tree said .

It is worth noting that , Xiaopeng automobile in its Hong Kong stock prospectus , It also points out the potential risks of products manufactured by Haima automobile , Such as “ Cooperation with third parties in the production of vehicles must bear operational risks , And we have limited control over it ”;“ Seahorse does not meet the agreed schedule or encounters capacity constraints and quality problems , We may be delayed ”;“ The ability to successfully build a brand may also be adversely affected by Haima's perception of vehicle quality ” etc. .


“ product + technology ” Need to break through

If the OEM cooperation with Xiaopeng automobile is terminated, it is true , Then the future development trend of Haima automobile is a topic of concern in the industry .

since 2017 Affected by the steep decline in sales in , After Haima began to lose money ,2018 In, the loss of Haima automobile further expanded , And in 2019 year 4 Moon cover “ Wear a hat ”, The stock code is changed to “*ST The hippocampus ”, Risk of delisting .

To get rid of the delisting dilemma , Haima automobile makes a series of adjustments by disposing idle assets to supplement the company's working capital , On 2019 Return to profit in 2004 . This year, 5 month 27 Japan , Seahorse car successfully took off its hat . However, the method of replenishing the company's working capital by disposing idle assets is only an emergency treatment measure for Haima automobile to deal with the delisting risk , It can not solve the fundamental problem of its development at one time . The performance data released by Haima automobile shows that ,2020 year , Haima car lost more than 13 One hundred million yuan ;2021 year 1~6 month , Seahorse is expected to lose money 0.8 One hundred million yuan ~1.2 One hundred million yuan .


picture source : Vision China

Regarding this , Haima automobile said , Although the company's performance is still at a low ebb , But after a series of strategic adjustments , In technology 、 Products and marketing have achieved remarkable results , Asset quality optimization , Enhanced business capability , Lay the foundation for the revitalization of the company .

at present , Seahorse has four models on sale , They are plug-in hybrid vehicles 6P、 Fuel models 7X and 8S, And pure electric car Aishang EV. Official data show ,2021 In the first half of , The cumulative production and sales of Haima automobile are about 1.6 Thousands of cars and 1.65 Thousands of cars , The year-on-year growth was 229.79% and 153.39%.

“ Among the production and sales released by the company , Most of them come from the OEM of Xiaopeng automobile G3 models .” The relevant person in charge of Haima automobile said , at present , A subsidiary of the company 7X Sales in Hainan are good , The hippocampus 8S and 6P The sales of the two models are relatively poor .

According to the data released by Xiaopeng automobile , In the first half of this year, Xiao Peng G3 Sales about 1.12 Thousands of cars . It means , Xiao peng G3 The sales of one model accounted for nearly... Of the total sales of Haima in the first half of this year 68%. The cumulative sales of four models of Haima automobile are only 5000 More than a .

thus it can be seen , If you lose the order for Xiaopeng automobile OEM , The idle capacity of Haima automobile factory will further aggravate , The loss is likely to increase further . An unnamed auto industry analyst told reporters , At present , The transformation of Haima automobile has not been completely completed , And the sales of new products have not improved significantly , Once the cooperation with Xiaopeng automobile is terminated , Seahorse car just out of the danger of delisting , It's likely to get into trouble again .

Regarding this , Cui Dongshu thinks , The core problem of Haima automobile is that it does not have its own core products , Weak product force and slow iteration , Lack of market competitiveness . meanwhile , The company's early investment in technology research and development is small , The foundation is not solid .

“ at present , What Haima automobile needs to do is concentrate on making core technology breakthroughs , And it is different from other enterprises in technology and products , Create advantageous products .” Cui Dongshu thinks , Haima automobile also needs to find a market segment suitable for its own development , Quickly seize the market , Improve product market share , This can improve the utilization of its plant capacity .


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