Double card: Zhang Jiankun went to Longbo town to supervise the epidemic prevention and control and vaccination

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double card zhang jiankun went

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Chen Hong )8 month 10 On the afternoon of Sunday , Shuangpai County Party Secretary Zhang Jiankun went to Longbo town to supervise the epidemic prevention and control and vaccination . His request , To find out , Aim at the problem , Close the hole , improve weak links , Give the power of the whole county , Promote the continuous improvement of vaccination rate in Longbo town , Weave a safety net for epidemic prevention and control . County Leader Lei Anshu 、 Liao Weiping 、 Duan Ninghong 、 Jiang Jianhui 、 Zhou Xinhua attended .

At the meeting , Zhang Jiankun listened to the report on epidemic prevention and control and vaccination in Longbo town and lijiangyuan village 、 Briefing on the preliminary on-site verification in wuyashan village , The leaders present at the meeting put forward opinions and suggestions on how to improve the vaccination rate .

Zhang Jiankun asked , Departments at all levels should improve their positions , Unified understanding , Take epidemic prevention and control as the top priority at present 、 The overriding task is to grasp , Unify thought and action with the Party Central Committee 、 Provincial Party committee 、 The decision-making and deployment of the municipal Party committee , Joint management , Take multiple measures to promote the vaccination of new crown “ Zero clearing ” Work , Make every effort to build a national immunization barrier ; We should strengthen measures , do all one can to catch up , Implement the responsibility guarantee system , It is led by all county-level leaders contacting the township and the main principals of the supporting units contacting each village , Sunken village group , Door to door verification street by street, lane by lane, door by door and person by person , Find out the bottom line , The safety of vaccination 、 Effectiveness makes it clear 、 Be thorough , Scientifically guide the masses to take the initiative to vaccinate , And make vaccination arrangements in time , Do not leave a family 、 leave no one behind 、 We should do everything we can 、 All kinds should be planted ; We should strengthen the control of key places , Strictly implement the responsibilities of industry competent departments , Strictly, carefully and practically grasp the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures ; Always be tight , Strictly implement the responsibility of prevention and control , Timely track the returnees and home quarantine personnel in other provinces , Definite person 、 Assign responsibility for dynamic monitoring , Do a good job in isolation and control , Build a firm “ External defense input ” Prevention and control network , Ensure that the epidemic prevention and control work is coordinated with the vaccination work 、 With the implementation of .

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