Yang Hong, procurator general of Yongzhou people's Procuratorate, investigated the procuratorial work of Dao County

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yang hong procurator general yongzhou

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Gong Chunfeng Zhang Yuxin )8 month 11 Japan , Secretary of the Party group of Yongzhou people's Procuratorate 、 Attorney General Yang Hong and his party went deep into the people's Procuratorate of Dao County to investigate . Party secretary of Dao County People's Procuratorate 、 Qu Jun, the candidate for attorney general, presided over the meeting , Team members participate in the Research Symposium .

At the Symposium , The team members reported on their work , Qu Jun talked about his new post and what he heard recently 、 What you see 、 Visited 、 Feel 、 Think of your job 、 Living and thinking , And the work assumption of the next paragraph , Made a detailed report . He pointed out that , Since the education and rectification of the first batch of political and legal teams in China was carried out , The police officers of the whole hospital have done “ Third, improve the rate of three tables ”, Improve the exemplary role of the hospital leaders 、 Improve the learning atmosphere of the whole hospital 、 Increase positive energy ; Set an example of stressing politics and unity 、 It's a real example of how to work hard and dare to take responsibility 、 An example of discipline and law-abiding, honest and clean .

Yang Hong fully affirmed the procuratorial work of Dao County , Simultaneous requirements , Talk about politics and consider the overall situation . Strengthen in thought “ Four consciousness ”, A firm “ Four confidence ”, Achieve “ Two maintenance ”; Strengthen communication and coordination . Principle is the most important thing , Little things, style ; Team members should set an example , Take the lead ; Benchmarking, benchmarking, etc , Strengthen management, inspection and treatment . Check the requirements of the superior in the table , With advanced judicial ideas , Strengthen management, inspection and treatment , Strengthen the foundation of loyalty , Pay close attention to the procuratorial work . Embody the foothold in work 、 Reflected in various business indicators . It is hoped that the procuratorial work will support 、 Monitor... In support , Achieve the goal of multi win and win-win .

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