Chenzhou Family Service Industry Association donated flood fighting, epidemic prevention and killing supplies to Zhengzhou domestic service enterprises

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chenzhou family service industry association

The staff of Chenzhou family service industry association are sorting and loading the donated materials .

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( The reporter Zhang Qiong Zhou Lei correspondent Huang Zhangbao )8 month 12 Japan , It is owned by Chenzhou Family Service Industry Association 50 More than family service enterprises , Spontaneously donated to Zhengzhou family service industry association of Henan Province 20 Box about 8 Ten thousand masks and 20 Box disinfectant 、20 Value of a box of hand sanitizer 5 More than 10000 yuan of killing supplies , It was officially sent to Zhengzhou, Henan Province by freight express .

7 Mid month , Zhengzhou City, Henan Province and other places suffered extreme heavy rainfall , The relentless flood has turned the original rich central plains into a vast land , Countless peaceful and beautiful homes in the past were destroyed beyond recognition by the flood , The production and life of the local people have been seriously affected and lost . Chenzhou Family Service Industry Association learned that Henan family service enterprises are in “ Flood fighting and epidemic prevention ” After the news that some killing supplies are urgently needed in , Immediately suggest that the city's family service enterprises carry out “ Chen ( state ) zheng ( state )‘ The Family Association ’ A family , All over the world ‘ housekeeping ’ The family ” fund-raising activities , Call on the city's domestic enterprises to give a love to the affected domestic enterprises and domestic workers of Henan Zhengzhou family Association , Offer a piece of truth !

Guo Chunhong, President of Chenzhou Family Service Industry Association, said , hope “ Chenzhou housekeeper ” A loving kindness , It is hoped that it can help Zhengzhou domestic counterparts and enterprises who have suffered losses in the flood to tide over the difficulties of flood fighting and epidemic prevention , Restore production and living order as soon as possible , Rebuild home , I hope it can provide the determination and confidence of Henan Zhengzhou family service enterprises to overcome the flood and epidemic situation !

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