The construction of Furong school in Taowei Town, Jianghua has been completed, and the school will start as scheduled in September

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construction furong school taowei town

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Jiang Linfeng Peng Baohua Du Yuxia ) Furong school in Taowei Town, Jianghua Yao Autonomous County is a newly-built complete primary school , The school will enroll the first batch of students this autumn , At present, the school's teaching supporting construction has entered the final sprint and finishing stage , Make sure 9 School starts as scheduled at the beginning of the month .

The new complex building of Furong school in Taowei town has a total of four floors , Distributed in a ring , In some classrooms in the complex building , Brand new desks, chairs and experimental equipment have been arranged , The library is also full of neat books . Workers on the fourth floor are also decorating the classroom windows on the last floor , The whole complex building will be built in 8 It can be completed in the middle of June, reaching the standard that can be put into use .

“ Our complex building contains this classroom , Teachers' Office 、 Conference Room , Some reading rooms 、 library 、 The laboratory and the recording room have been built .” Li Zhongfu, principal of Furong school in Taowei Town, said .

The planned campus area of Furong school in Taowei town 46 mu , Gross floor area 13155 Square meters , At present, the complex building 、 Equipment room 、 The stadium has been built , school gate 、 The fence 、 Hydropower communication pipe network 、 Ancillary works such as parking lot have also been basically completed , The school canteen is also stepping up the capping operation , It is expected that all supporting equipment can be mobilized and installed within this week .

As a new primary school , Furong school in Taowei town has a total of 18 A teaching class ,810 A degree , This year, 9 After officially put into use in January , It will greatly alleviate the pressure of insufficient degrees in Taowei town , Resolve the problem of large class size . To ensure the quality of teaching , According to the standard teacher-student ratio , Jianghua Education Department has equipped the school with 23 Full time teacher , At present, all the new teaching staff have been in place , Will immediately put into the preparations for the opening of the school .

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