Jianghua opened a special school session to vaccinate students aged 12 to 14 with the new crown vaccine

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jianghua opened special school session

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Zhong Fangling Pan Ke )8 month 11 Japan , Jiang Hua starts 12-14 School special session of new crown vaccination for people aged one year ,2 Two vaccination medical teams went to the headquarters of Yanghua education group 、 Siyuan experimental school, etc , Vaccinate school-age students with the new crown vaccine .

At the vaccination site of Siyuan Experimental School , The site is divided into waiting areas 、 Vaccination area 、 Observation area and abnormal reaction observation area , Medical staff 、 School teachers and other staff shall guide and supervise the site , The students are divided into groups 、 Orderly and efficient vaccine registration 、 Inoculate 、30 Wait a minute to see the process .

The vaccines vaccinated this time mainly include Beijing Biological Engineering Co., Ltd 、 Lanzhou Biology 、 Chengdu Biology and Beijing Kexing Zhongwei vaccine , Inoculate twice , interval 21 God , The vaccination shall be accompanied by a guardian , Bring your ID card and residence booklet , And informed consent signed by the guardian .

from 8 month 9 The day begins , Jiang Hua spoke to 12 to 14 One year old children were vaccinated , The school-age students in the county and city shall be vaccinated in schools , Up to now , Jiang Hua 12-14 One year old students have been vaccinated 12560 The number of times .

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