Loudi: four generations fighting together at the forefront of epidemic prevention and control

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loudi generations fighting forefront epidemic

“ Upper plum red ” Volunteers use loudspeakers to shout , Remind and persuade residents to strengthen prevention and control .

Red net time correspondent Wu is normal Zhang Xinyu Xiao Qianping Loudi reports

This few days , Cross street community, Shangmei street, Xinhua County, Loudi City “ Good family style street ” Under the plaque , Xiao Baotian raised his horn , Remind pedestrians “ Put on the mask , Guard against viruses ”. His body “ Upper plum red ”, Especially the party emblem in front of the red vest , Shining in the sun .

since 8 month 1 Since novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control emergency dispatch was held on the day of the Plum Street Party Working Committee , Xiao Baotian and the Communists in his extended family 、“ Upper plum red ” volunteer , Or community duty , Or on duty at the intersection , Has been fighting at the forefront of epidemic prevention and control . This four generation “ The most beautiful family in Hunan Province ”, Whether in the face of urgent and dangerous tasks , Or in the inheritance of good family style and tutoring , Always at the forefront 、 Work in practice , Consciously do “ Listen to the party 、 Feeling the favor of the party 、 Follow the party ”.

Xiao Baotian is Shangmei Street “ The most beautiful mother-in-law ” Wu Suzhen's eldest son , There are brothers 6 people . This big family has 48 A mouthful , Among them are members of the Communist Party of China 11 name . This year, 95 Wu Suzhen , Through the storms of life , Read the vicissitudes of the world , But he has boundless affection for the party . The most striking position on the wall of her living room , There is a picture of her hands touching the party flag . Under the bright red party flag , Her bright smile was filled with joy . This is a 2018 year 8 The moon is in the ancient city of Phoenix in Western Hunan , Grandson Xiao Liang took a picture of her . She said :“ Help the Communist Party , Today's good life , Only then did my children and grandchildren take me out to feel the great rivers and mountains of the motherland .”

Xiao Baotian brothers and sisters in law , Yes 3 Party members , There are former model workers of the Ministry of light industry 、2009 Members of the National Day parade array, etc . This generation , Born before and after Liberation , Personally witnessed the development and changes of the Chinese people led by the Communist Party of China from standing up to becoming rich to becoming strong . Xiao Baotian 1964 He applied to join the party when he started working in ,1991 year 6 Month finally realized the dream .7 month 1 Japan , After watching the celebration of the founding of the Communist Party of China 100 After the live broadcast of the annual conference , He wrote affectionately :“ Firm faith and follow the party , A loyal heart to repay the party's kindness .” near 4 Over the years , He served as the chief commentator of the first family style tutor learning lecture hall in Loudi City , The obligation is 500 Multiple batches 、3 More than 10000 people explained “ People are happy for thousands of years , Everything goes well at home ” A good story .

The third generation of this big family , Bathed in the spring breeze of reform and opening up , Grow sturdily . Good family style 、 Good style , pass on generation after generation . This generation , Yes 8 A member of the Communist Party of China . They are based on their own posts , Strive for excellence , build up establishment . Yes “ Excellent Communist Party members ”, Yes “ Top ten service stars ”, Yes “ Bing Xin Literature Award ” winner …… This year, 6 month , Xiao Wenjuan, a licensed pharmacist at Xinhua Nanmen drugstore, and Xiao Xinmin, who works in cross street community , Be developed into a probationary Party member . In the fourth generation , Yes 2 People became activists for joining the party .

they 11 Party members , Established a family Grid Party branch , Hold theme party day activities every quarter , Review the oath of joining the party , hold “ I add luster to the party flag , Follow the party from generation to generation ” As an important content . See the growing ranks of Party members in the big family , Wu Suzhen's words showed pride and expectation :“ My greatest wish is that my descendants will always follow the Communist Party .” Under their influence , Cross street communities have sprung up “ Home of integrity ”“ A house of thrift ” etc. “ The most beautiful family ”20 Multiple .

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