Epidemic prevention and control Lengshuijiang "red vest" and "Little Red Riding Hood" are in action

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epidemic prevention control lengshuijiang red

“ Masks go into thousands of homes 、 Health you and me he ” Volunteer service activities start on site . Pan Tao / taken

Red net moment Loudi 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Zhu Huamei )8 month 11 Japan , Lengshuijiang Binjiang Park , A group of people in red vests 、 The emergency volunteers for epidemic prevention and control wearing little red hat packed up and set out , Go to each community street 、 The supermarket 、 The store 、 Square, etc , Persuade citizens :“ Wear a mask , wash hands more often , one metre line , Don't gather ”, And intimate for the elderly without masks 、 Children put on masks , Tell them to remember “ Ten million epidemic prevention articles , Mask number one ”, Widely publicize the knowledge of current epidemic prevention and control policies , Persuade citizens not to go out and get together , Improved everyone's awareness of epidemic prevention and control , Get praise from the public .

Member of the Standing Committee of Lengshuijiang municipal Party committee 、 Propaganda Minister Zou danzuo wears a red vest , Volunteer to participate in epidemic prevention and control publicity . Pan Tao / taken

Lengshuijiang City starts from 8 month 9 We began to recruit emergency volunteers for epidemic prevention and control in the whole city on August , One day , People from all walks of life enthusiastically signed up , Screened , near 300 People become emergency volunteers for epidemic prevention and control ,“ My phone and wechat were blown up ”, Yan Jian, the contact person for the recruitment of emergency volunteers for epidemic prevention and control, said , The number of applicants is still increasing .8 month 11 The morning of , By the Publicity Department of Lengshuijiang municipal Party Committee 、 Municipal Civilization Office 、 Municipal creative culture office 、 Jointly carried out by the municipal new era civilization practice center “ Masks go into thousands of homes 、 Health you and me he ” The volunteer service activity was officially launched in Lengshuijiang Binjiang park , The newly recruited emergency volunteers for epidemic prevention and control go into the streets and lanes to guide the general public to develop the good habit of wearing masks when going out , Walk into the streets 、 Community 、 CDC , Actively cooperate with the staff to publicize nucleic acid detection 、 Order maintenance , Assist the staff of major shopping malls and stores in the street community 、 Property management personnel conduct household investigation 、 Personnel registration .

Citizen friends praise volunteers . Li Huiyun / taken

8 month 1 Since then , On the ridge of Lengshuijiang village 、 The supermarket 、 square 、 The hospital 、 Vaccination sites, etc , Can be seen everywhere “ Red waistcoat ”“ Little red riding hood ” The figure of . Up to now , Lengshuijiang City actively launched 600 Many volunteer service teams ,12000 More than volunteers participated in the city's epidemic prevention and control , Volunteers use “ iron soles ” screening 、 service , use “ Earth horn ” Exhort 、 propaganda , They set up a mobile for the whole city “ cordon ”, Do a good job of the masses “ Orderly ”, comprehensive 、 Full coverage 、 All weather epidemic prevention and control , Join hands with the masses to start the war of prevention and control of epidemic situation , Widely praised by the people .

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