State Grid Lianyuan power supply company: carry out special patrol to ensure power supply and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control

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state grid lianyuan power supply

Red net moment Loudi 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Tan yuan Wu pan )“ The load is normal , The temperature is normal , No abnormality was found .” 8 month 11 On the afternoon of Sunday 4 Time , The staff of Guangming mountain power supply service station of State Grid Lianyuan power supply company are conducting special patrol of power supply equipment in the distribution room of Lianyuan people's hospital , Provide strong power guarantee for epidemic prevention and control .

For novel coronavirus prevention and control period hospital “ epidemic prevention ” Power supply and consumption guarantee for work , Lianyuan company acted quickly , Deploy carefully , Accurate ShiCe , From the aspects of ensuring the safe and stable operation of hospital power supply lines and various electric facilities , Implement various epidemic prevention and electricity protection measures , We will spare no effort to fight the battle of ensuring power supply during epidemic prevention and control .

“ Wear a mask , Personal protection , Carefully record the temperature measurement 、 analysis ”, On the afternoon of the special tour , After the person in charge of on-site work emphasized the protection matters and clarified the division of labor , The staff shall strictly disinfect , Put on the mask , Hand held infrared thermometer , For power distribution cabinet 、 Isolation knife switch 、 Conduct comprehensive temperature measurement at key connection points and prone hot spots of power equipment such as transformer and transformer outgoing line , Collect and record key data , The transformer voltage was mainly checked 、 electric current 、 There is wrong overload phenomenon , And eliminate the potential safety hazards found in the inspection in time , Ensure that the equipment is in healthy operation .

The distribution room is very muggy , The wind from the electric fan is sandwiched with hot air , The staff who are busy measuring the temperature are already sweating , The clothes were soaked with sweat and stuck tightly to the back .“ Now is the critical period for epidemic prevention and control , Our responsibility lies on our shoulders and we dare not relax at all , Try your best to ensure the normal operation of power equipment , Power supply can be stable and reliable !”, The staff raised their hands and wiped a handful of sweat as they said , After a short rest, I worked hard again , Continue to start the temperature measurement inspection work meticulously .

In the afternoon 6 when , The special patrol and electricity protection work of Lianyuan people's hospital was successfully completed . Next stage , While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, Lianyuan company , We will continue to ensure the safe and reliable power supply during the epidemic prevention and control period , Carry out special patrol of epidemic prevention and electricity protection for other designated hospitals and epidemic prevention stations in a planned way , Be responsible for electricity protection 、 Take responsibility for electricity protection 、 Be responsible for electricity protection , We will take practical actions to help win this war of prevention and control of epidemic situation without gunsmoke .

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