Xinhua County: "small grid" to build a "big defense line" against war and epidemic

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xinhua county small grid build

The inspection team went deep into the store 、 Supermarkets and other public places , Check whether the entrants implement “ One test and three checks ”、 Whether to wear masks, etc .

The supervision team inspected the relevant accounts and the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in the clinic of pengjiadian village, Wentang town .

Red net moment Loudi 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Juan Li Wang ) In the face of the recent severe anti epidemic situation , To strengthen grid and help epidemic prevention and control , Build a firm “ External defense input 、 Internal anti rebound ” A strong line of defense , In recent days , Grid Office of Xinhua County 4 Inspectors went to the whole county together with the county prevention and inspection team 31 A township ( The street 、 site 、 District , Hereinafter referred to as township ) Carry out grid supervision of epidemic prevention and control .

During the inspection , Mainly check whether the epidemic prevention measures of each township and grid under its jurisdiction are in place 、 Whether the publicity atmosphere is strong 、 Check whether the ledger is accurate and complete . Problems found in the process of Supervision , The inspection team issued a letter on the spot , Put forward suggestions for rectification , Urge rectification within a time limit .

The inspection team asked all townships to do a good job in grid management , Strictly implement various prevention and control measures based on grid , We should strengthen the registration and health monitoring of new arrivals and returnees from medium and high-risk areas , Strictly implement home monitoring and control measures for returning personnel ; We should fully publicize the prevention and control measures , Further improve the masses' awareness of self-protection . By 8 month 9 Japan ,4 Three inspection teams have completed the first round of inspection in all townships , from 8 month 10 The day begins , The rectification of the problems assigned by the first round of supervision in each township will be reviewed “ To look back ”.

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