Louxing district highway construction and maintenance center volunteers went deep into the community to help carry out epidemic prevention and control services

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louxing district highway construction maintenance

Louxing district highway construction and maintenance center volunteers went to Suoqiao community to carry out epidemic prevention and control services and send epidemic prevention materials

red net time novel coronavirus pneumonia (Loudi correspondent Yao Yeli) August 11th, since late July, Hunan has been crowding out new crown pneumonia outbreaks in many cities and counties in Hunan. The epidemic prevention and control form is quite serious. The highway construction and maintenance center of Lou Xing District strictly implements the central, provincial, municipal and municipal road maintenance center's deployment requirements. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work is always the first to be strict and realistic. In the meantime, the party's cadres and workers are stationed in 70% of the party's cadres and workers to help the community to take the preventive services of the epidemic prevention and control, and to send 10000 medical masks, 2000 promotional brochures, 84 disinfectant and alcohol to the epidemic prevention and control work. p>

The volunteers of the center, fearing no difficulties and dangers and going retrograde, carried out community epidemic prevention knowledge publicity in various forms, helped community health and epidemic prevention actions in multiple dimensions, cleaned up the community's domestic garbage, disinfected the community's public facilities and public places, and achieved no dead corner and full coverage of health and epidemic prevention disinfection; At the same time, assist community staff to check and register the health code and pass code of foreign personnel; Actively publicize the knowledge of Xinguan vaccination, check the vaccination situation of community residents in the house and by telephone, and assist community workers in the "clearing" of Xinguan vaccination; Cooperate with the grid leader in daily patrol, go deep into the "five small stores" to post epidemic prevention health information codes, and monitor the temperature of customers

With sweat and blood, the volunteers gathered the great strength of anti epidemic, built a life defense line for epidemic prevention and control for the majority of community residents, and guarded the life, health and safety of community residents with responsibility and responsibility, selflessness and tenderness

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