Shuangfeng County Public Security Bureau will issue another notice! Urges cross border criminal suspect to return home and surrender himself

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shuangfeng county public security bureau

In order to further implement the spirit of the higher public security organs on severely cracking down on and preventing the crime of telecom network fraud , Crack down on cross-border illegal and criminal activities , Protect the property safety of the people , according to 《 Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China 》《 Criminal procedure law of the people's Republic of China 》《 Law of the People's Republic of China on the administration and punishment of public security 》 And the criminal policy of tempering justice with mercy , Start with a clean slate for the suspect 、 Strive for leniency , We hereby inform you as follows :

One 、 The cross-border criminals mentioned in this circular refer to those suspected of organizing others to illegally cross the country ( edge ) habitat 、 Illegal entry and exit and engaging in fraud involving telecommunications networks abroad 、 gambling 、 Criminal suspect of drug trafficking and other illegal activities .

Two 、 From the date of promulgation of this Circular , Actively contact the police station where the registered residence is committed and surrender to the motherland. , And truthfully confessed his illegal and criminal acts , May be given a lighter punishment according to law 、 Mitigation or exemption from punishment . For those who surrender , The public security organ will contact the border police , Facilitate their return .

3、 ... and 、 It is strictly forbidden to enter the customs without permission , To report illegal entry to illegal immigration stations without registered residence , The public security organs will strike hard according to law .

Four 、 Criminal suspects still stranded abroad should recognize the situation clearly. , Cherish the opportunity , Actively surrender to the police station where the registered residence is located. , Strive for leniency . For those who refuse to return , The public security organ will resolutely take strong measures to arrest and bring the case to justice , And severely punished according to law . Press at the same time 《 Shuangfeng County cracked down on illegal entry and exit and related crimes “ Ten uniformity ”》 Relevant departments shall take measures to demolish the house 、 Registered residence 、 List of dishonest persons 、 Cancel policy preferential subsidies 、 Measures such as banning mobile phone cards and bank cards .

5、 ... and 、 Encourage the broad masses of the people to actively provide clues to cross-border violations and crimes , For the reported Shuangfeng organization personnel who go abroad to engage in illegal and criminal activities , It is verified that , Each arrested a suspect. , Reward 10000 element . Identity of informants by public security organs 、 address 、 The contents of the report shall be kept strictly confidential ; Threat to 、 Retaliate against the informer , Criminal , Investigate criminal responsibility according to law .

This Circular shall go into effect as of the date of promulgation .

Hotlines : bureau of public security 0738-110; Yongfeng Shuilu police station 0738-6822110; Jinkai police station 0738-6884110; Shiniu police station 0738-6111110; Heye police station 0738-6012110; Jingzi police station 0738-6062110; Shatang police station 0738-6591110; Zimen police station 0738-6552441; Xingzi police station 0738-6333110; Huamen police station 0738-6991110; Hongshandian police station 0738-6277110; Longtian police station 0738-6281110; Yintang police station 0738-6722110; Qingshuping police station 0738-6743110; Suoshi police station 0738-6942110; Santangpu police station 0738-6621110; Gantang police station 0738-6661110.

Shuangfeng County Public Security Bureau

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