Zeng Chaoqun: pay close attention to epidemic prevention and control to ensure the realization of the goal of "zero infection"

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zeng chaoqun pay close attention

red net moment novel coronavirus pneumonia, Loudi, August 12th () Liu Ting, August 10th, 11, vice mayor of Loudi, acting mayor Ceng Chaoqun hosted the twenty-first, twenty-second meeting of the headquarters of the new crown pneumonia prevention and control work in Loudi in 2021. He stressed that all localities at all levels should overcome the idea of paralysis and relaxation, maintain a high-pressure situation, pay close attention to epidemic prevention and control from a fine and strict manner, and ensure the realization of the city's goal of "zero infection"

Municipal leaders Wu Jianping, Zhao Yingliang, Li Youcai, he Feng, Hu Zhongwei and Guo Xijun attended Novel coronavirus pneumonia was learned by

. The report heard the report on the epidemic prevention and control work in the city's construction sites and industrial and mining enterprises, centralized isolation and home health monitoring, epidemic control and management, and the new crown vaccination (including 12-17 year olds). The Loudi Municipal Committee has deliberated the implementation measures of the new crown pneumonia epidemic survey, and arranged the current epidemic prevention and control work. p>

Zeng Chaoqun pointed out that the current epidemic prevention and control is still under great pressure. All parts of the city at all levels should overcome the idea of paralysis and slackness, maintain a high-pressure situation, maintain a good work style, control key industries, key links and key places according to the requirements that industries must manage epidemic prevention and control, and plug systematic prevention and control risks and loopholes. Prevention of nosocomial infection is the first priority for medical institutions to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. Through re supervision, re assignment and re rectification, we should strengthen the construction of nosocomial infection prevention and control capacity, improve the scientific, standardized and refined prevention and control level of hospitals, and ensure that no nosocomial infection events occur. Vaccination should be carried out scientifically, safely and efficiently, in strict accordance with the permanent population base of the seventh national census, find out the base number, decompose tasks, clarify the bottom line requirements, improve the level of technical and service support, do a good job in vaccination, build a national immunization barrier, and lay a foundation for epidemic prevention and control

Zeng Chaoqun stressed the need to strengthen the management of isolated medical observation places, standardize work processes, strictly divide functions, and strengthen the clearance, transportation and treatment of medical waste. We should strictly enforce work discipline, find out the situation and investigate the responsibility of units and persons responsible for ineffective epidemic prevention and control. We should pay close attention to the implementation of various prevention and control measures, and make every effort to ensure that the city achieves the goal of "zero infection"

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