The champion version of BJ40 ring tower was officially launched and sold for 209900 yuan

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champion version bj40 bj ring

[ The domestic new car of aika automobile is original ]

8 month 12 Japan , Aika Automobile Co., Ltd , Beijing cross country BJ40 The ring tower champion version was officially launched , The market guide price is 20.99 Ten thousand yuan . This car is limited worldwide 2021 platform , Each car has its own unique number , It has certain collection value .2017-2019 year ,BJ40 Go to the ring tower Rally , Created the great cause of three consecutive titles , This car is a tribute to this achievement .

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As a new model ,BJ40 The overall design of the champion version of the ring tower continues the models currently on sale , It maintains the design style of founder and hardliners , Five hole air inlet grille with round headlamp , Exudes a strong off-road smell ,BJ40 The ring tower champion version uses an exclusive “ Matte grey ” Body color and new exclusive logo . In the tail , The shape of the tail lamp group of the new car echoes with the headlights , The silver decorated rear bumper improves a certain degree of refinement .

The new car is equipped with a new generation of intelligent Internet connection for the first time , Get through the smart car service + YUEYE circle , In YUEYE circle APP, Other people's experiences can be used at any time , The latest off-road guidebook will never go offline ; Site positioning 、 Riders form a team 、 Cross country teaching and other functions and contents , At the same time, it supports remote vehicle control 、 Vehicle condition diagnosis, etc , The risk of off-road can be reduced again and again .

motivation , The new BJ40 The ring tower champion version uses honeycomb 2.0T+8AT powertrain , Maximum power is 165kW(224 horsepower ), Peak torque is 380Nm, Front and rear electric control differential locks with simple operation , While bringing surging power , It also ensures safer passage in bad roads , Can ride the desert perfectly 、 The snow 、 Hills and other road sections .

Edit comment on :BJ40 The ring tower champion model can be said to provide a way for players who like off-road “ unique ” The choice of , Limited supply , Each car has its own unique logo , It can be said that it is designed for young consumers , Because youth is unique .

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