Ideal automobile is listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange today, with the stock code of 2015

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ideal automobile listed main board

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Netease car 8 month 12 Reported Wednesday Today, , Ideal car Declare it A Class common shares are listed on the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange success list , Stock code :2015, The live bell ringing ceremony is in the ideal car Beijing Delivery center .「2015」 The meaning of this number also represents the year when the ideal car was launched .

stay 2021 year 7 month , Ideal car delivery 8,589 car Ideal ONE Parameters picture ), Year-on-year growth 251.3%, The monthly delivery volume exceeded 8000 for the first time , Set a new record . By 2021 year 7 month 31 Japan ,2021 The total annual delivery has reached 38,743 car , The cumulative delivery has reached 72,340 car .

Earlier official sources said ,2022 The ideal car will be launched in X The first product on the platform —— Full size incremental program electric SUV, And in 2023 In X Two other models are launched on the platform SUV.

Besides , Ideal car is also developing pure electric vehicle technology , Including two platforms developed for high-voltage pure electric vehicles ——Whale And Shark.

since 2023 From the year onwards , Ideal car will launch at least two models with high-voltage pure electric technology every year .

Ideal car thinks , The energy supplement efficiency of new energy vehicles must be as convenient as fuel vehicles 、 Efficient . therefore , Whether it's an incremental electric solution , Or high voltage pure electric solution , Can provide users with the same convenience as fuel vehicles 、 Efficient energy replenishment experience . To achieve this goal , Ideal car will plan to deploy a high-power charging network composed of ultrafast charging stations , Ensure user charging experience .

In terms of intelligence , On sale 2021 The ideal ONE The ideal of full stack self-developed is standard AD Advanced assisted driving system , And uses two horizons “ Journey 3” Special chip for automatic driving and five Bosch fifth generation millimeter wave radars . Ideal car always believes that the safety of the family , Only standard , No option . So from 2022 From the year onwards , All new models will be equipped with self-developed models as standard L4 Level automatic driving software 、 Hardware , And will continue to optimize the automatic driving system . in addition , In the intelligent cockpit , We will also start the research and development of space intelligence technology , Let intelligence serve every family member in the car .

The ideal car means :“ It is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and sold globally , Strategically broaden our capital channels , Expanded our investor base , And further enhanced our expansion of scale 、 Increase the ability to innovate and enter new markets . With the popularity of electric vehicles , We are very happy to rely on the industry-leading technological innovation and product power , Lead this unprecedented opportunity . We are happy with today's listing , And will focus on our strategy to achieve sustainable growth , Insist on using technology to create value for users .”

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