Volkswagen: why didn't you come up with a popular "divine car"?

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volkswagen didn come popular divine


Watching the new forces of car making evolve , Volkswagen Group hasn't been able to build an amazing car for too long .

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Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert · Dis took advantage of her summer vacation , Playing electric surfboards in Volkswagen city in Wolfsburg , Tesla, which has just released a quarterly report subverting the three outlooks and two of the global auto industry, has made another big move ,Model 3 In the Chinese market, the price has been reduced again .

When people are curious , How much can Tesla's new car price be reduced , The Volkswagen Group must also be rethinking , When can we build a popular model again ?

At least , Judging from the latest sales data released by SAIC , Volkswagen in the Chinese market , The situation is not optimistic .7 month , The sales volume of SAIC Volkswagen is 7 Thousands of cars , fell 47.76%,1~7 Monthly sales volume is 60.24 Thousands of cars , fell 14.52%. And FAW - The public performed slightly better ,7 The monthly sales volume is about 10 Thousands of cars .

For the current situation of the Volkswagen Group , The reason is , Perhaps it can be summarized as two key factors : Misjudged and missed user expectations , Blindly follow the rhythm of competitive products 、 blindly copying others and making oneself look foolish .

let me put it another way , Today I mentioned Volkswagen , How many people can still find the original “ This is the car ” Trust of ? What attractive new highlights can you think of 、 New models ?

More than ten years ago , Langyi launched by Volkswagen 、 View of path , Due to the unique advantages of the joint venture in their respective market segments , In line with people's expectations of , With the public Logo、 Product expectations with balanced overall performance .

But times have changed , The former “ God car ” They have lost their halberds in the market 、 Overtaken by your opponent . At the same time, the former administrative vehicle Passat , After a series of stumbles , First, it announced that it would stop production in the United States , Later, it plans to delist in the European market . in other words , In the future, the new Passat we see in the Chinese market will probably be localized “ Magic reform ” edition .

The evil thing is , Volkswagen's two joint venture brands in China seem to prefer “ Magic reform ”, It even makes people doubt , Original “ original ” FAW - The public , It is also watching SAIC Volkswagen launch more and more Chinese exclusive models , In a rage, Jetta launched its sub brand .

The problem is that the exclusive models of SAIC Volkswagen , It's not going well now , In addition to the sales performance mentioned above , According to the latest spy photos , Once called “ Volkswagen's most beautiful car ” Ling Du , Its new sequel also surprised people in the recent information of the Ministry of industry and information technology .

Can put a car “ Magic reform ” To make people “ Bewilderment ” SAIC Volkswagen , And play with the local brand of the joint venture car enterprise style FAW - The public , such “ There are not enough cars in the world , Magic changed money to make up ” Putting the cart before the horse , The public , It's really yours .

Some people think that A6L、Q5 Can become a divine vehicle , In addition to special historical factors , The price is awesome enough for the terminal . But compared with the second tier luxury brands with greater preferential power , The Audi duo did rely on “ First class brands ”、 Balanced and assured German quality , Win the popularity of users .

However, looking back on the recent period , Apart from Porsche 911 The new generation of has been a great success 、 The mid-term modification of palamera has been highly praised , Include Taycan This new platform product also encountered a lot of trouble after it was launched .

Not to mention ID.4、ID.6 Two new generation pure electric products , North and south people 4 paragraph ID. Series models ,7 The total monthly sales exceeded 5000 car .

Considering that the listing is only four months , Some people compared this speed with the growth rate of the new forces in the early stage of car building and found that the performance was not bad , But as a multinational auto giant with a history of more than 100 years , After the initial cultivation stage of the domestic new energy market has been completed , Is this comparison method true to SAIC ?ID. series For the public, it's only the beginning at most , But this “ head ” It doesn't drive well .

automobile K The line thinks , Behind this , It shows that when the Volkswagen Group launches new products , Perhaps it is influenced by the popularity of other brands and the frequent emergence of new concepts , Blindly follow , It leads to misjudgment of the expectations of potential users , And after the launch of the new car , Failed to make good use of the excellent label accumulated by the brand , Touch the user .

Not to mention Audi Q2L This pure electric version is cheaper than the fuel version, an example of this unpopular , Focus on Audi e-tron、 The public ID.4、ID.6 On , It is not difficult to find such a problem .

If you actually get started , It's not hard to find Audi e-tron Not only have comparable Q7 Luxurious driving texture , And that book data is not good-looking mileage , In fact, it is also very solid and reliable ; Also experienced the public ID.4、ID.6, I believe many people will also be impressed by its exquisite driving experience .

The problem is , These configurations have no obvious shortcomings in Volkswagen's new cars , No one can shine at the same time 、 Unique new highlights .

Maybe as a traditional car enterprise , Under the current global economic situation , What the public values more must be profit , It's hard to accept the way new power brands lose money to build momentum , But not in some ID. Among the five labels of the series of products , The first two are actually light effects 、 The latter two are abstract, efficient, reliable and strength inheritance , And the most popular Zhilian interworking , And it's hard to match the cool communication effect of new forces in the eyes of consumers .

The good news is , In the portrait of the user crowd displayed by the public ,“ Sensory experience ”“ Brand connotation ”“ Rational choice ”“ Socially active ”, Indeed, it has relatively accurately described the characteristics of many potential customers of popular brands , These characteristics are just a few good cards owned by traditional advantageous automobile enterprises .

Just don't look at the new forces pushing God's cart , Back hand price war , The implementation of 2030 NEW AUTO When it comes to strategy , When I was excited, I thought of “ Magic reform ” Tradition , manage to produce “ Four two with two Wang ” play .

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