Weilai will launch three new models based on nt2.0 / including the lowest priced models

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weilai launch new models based

NT2.0 The platform starts with ET7 Carry on ,NAD R & D challenges are great , At present, the research and development work is smooth , We are confident that the goods will be delivered on time . Weilai brand is still the main high-end brand , So take Wei Lai's model and MINIEV Model specific sales , It doesn't make any sense , And the launch of weilaizi brand , It will be distinguished from Weilai brand positioning , For market segments .

Qin Lihong, founder of Weilai, said , Weilai brand is probably in 2024 Some niche models were launched before . Weilai's vehicle machine system will usher in a major interface upgrade in the third quarter of this year .

On autopilot , At present, the scale of Weilai's autopilot related team is 500 Left and right , Will increase by the end of the year 300 people , achieve 800 Human scale . Besides , In research and development , Weilai will start R & D and speed up in the second quarter , Three new models will be delivered next year , More models will be launched in the next year .

Besides , The three models launched by Weilai next year do not include the iteration of the existing models , In a more conservative financial policy , Accelerated depreciation of existing products , This also means upgrading the existing products to the second generation platform as soon as possible .( writing : Pacific automotive network Yayong )

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