In July, more than 500000 luxury pure electric sales were released, and Porsche, Gaohe and Mercedes Benz ranked among the top three

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july luxury pure electric sales

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( The reporter Longzhen ) recently , Major domestic automobile brands 7 Monthly sales are coming out one after another . The rise in sales of new energy vehicles is still obvious , Compared with the previous pure electric models, they are mainly concentrated in the middle and low-end market , Nowadays, high-end luxury new energy models are more and more recognized by consumers .7 month , Average closing price 50 The market of more than 10000 luxury pure electric brands increased month on month 4%.

The top five positions in the sales list have been slightly adjusted , porsche Taycan With 755 Car lead , rose 12%. China's luxury brand Gaohe automobile has increased significantly ,7 Monthly delivery 428 car HiPhiX, growth 35%, Surpass Mercedes Benz to second , And in 68 The average selling price of 10000 yuan has set a new record for the transaction price of Chinese brands .

Mercedes EQC With 323 The car retreated to third , The red flag E-HS9 With 296 A car followed , Slightly lower than last month , But still ahead of Audi e-tron、 jaguar I-PACE、 tesla ModelX And ModelS Models such as .

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