Helping the "double carbon" goal, China Pacific Insurance continued to cultivate green insurance

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helping double carbon goal china

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Tu Xiaoling But Jiajia ) stay “ Double cycle ” Under the new development pattern , With the country “3060” Lead by carbon target , China Pacific protection attaches great importance to sustainable development , Continue to implement the environmental policy 、 Society and governance (ESG) idea , deepen ESG practice , Deep green insurance , Do a solid job in reaching the peak of carbon 、 Carbon neutralization (“ Double carbon ”) All works , Contribute to high-quality development in an all-round way .

In recent years , China's CPIC actively plays an important role in economic development “ Shock absorber ” And society “ stabilizer ” function , Rooted responsible genes 、 Promote people's well-being , In serving the national strategy 、 Protect the ecological environment 、 Focus on clean energy 、 Coping with climate change 、 We will continue to explore green agricultural development and environmental governance , Pass on “ And Li Taibao ” Social responsibility values that promote sustainable development .

2021 year 3 month , China Pacific Insurance adjusted the original strategy and investment decision-making committee of the board of directors to the strategy and investment decision-making committee of the board of directors ESG The committee . China Pacific Property Insurance, a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance, has also set up a special project ESG Leading group , And supporting corresponding organizational guarantee , Ensure that green insurance innovation is matched with the development of national green economy .

Escort the field of clean energy , Innovate and develop green insurance

Provide insurance for the field of clean energy . As early as the first decade of CPIC , Has started underwriting clean energy projects : At the end of the 20th century, it began to underwrite hydropower projects and photovoltaic power generation projects , At the beginning of the 21st century, it began to underwrite wind power projects and nuclear power projects .

In the field of hydropower , China Pacific protection participated in the Three Gorges Project 、 Baihetan 、 Property insurance projects of the top five hydropower stations in China, such as Wudongde , And exclusive for many years / The chief contractor underwrites the employer's liability insurance for all builders of the five hydropower stations . In the near future , It also undertook Xulong hydropower and other engineering insurance projects in the upper reaches of Jinsha River . By 2021 year 6 end of the month , The cumulative insured amount in the field of hydropower exceeds 500 One hundred million yuan , The cumulative underwriting of hydropower projects exceeds 150 individual . In the field of photovoltaic power generation , CPIC property insurance has deeply participated in the photovoltaic projects under the five power groups , At the same time, it also participated in CGN new energy 、 Many new energy projects under cecep . By 2021 year 6 end of the month , The total insured amount in the photovoltaic field is nearly 100 billion yuan .

Provide insurance for the whole cycle of clean energy industry . China Pacific Insurance not only provides power construction guarantee , It also supports operational support . In the field of offshore wind power ,2008 year , China Pacific Insurance Co., Ltd. participated in underwriting the first offshore wind power demonstration project —— Shanghai Donghai Bridge offshore wind farm .2021 In the first half of , Domestic offshore wind power projects 6 individual , Including engineering insurance 5 individual ( Including Datang Shantou offshore wind power 、 Guangdong electric power, qujie offshore wind power, etc ), Yes 4 One is the chief underwriter . Offshore wind power operation , Participate in Sanchuan, Fujian 、 Guodian Zhejiang Zhoushan 10 An offshore wind power project , The total insured amount exceeds 100 billion yuan , Market share first . In the field of nuclear power ,2021 In the first half of , Underwriting domestic 19 Operation insurance of nuclear power units in operation , Total insured amount 120 Billion dollars .

Provide risk prevention and management services for clean energy specialization . In the field of hydropower , CPIC provides early warning services for water level and other natural disasters in hydropower basins through risk radar clients and Internet of things facilities , It has also established an emergency rescue team with the Three Gorges group , Become the only emergency management team with water rescue capability in Southwest China . In the field of photovoltaic power generation and offshore wind power , Through cooperation with professional third parties at home and abroad , Actively carry out research on risk prevention and control of photovoltaic and offshore wind power , Provide risk management and prevention and control suggestions while improving the accuracy of insurance guarantee for the project , Escort the healthy development of emerging clean energy such as photovoltaic and offshore wind power .

As the frequency of climate catastrophe increases , China's Taibao self 2014 Since, he began to set foot in the field of catastrophe insurance , We will explore various security models adapted to local conditions in urban and rural areas , Including people's livelihood assistance 、 Innovative 、 Different catastrophe insurance schemes such as index type , For example, in Huangpu District, Shanghai, the industry's first disaster insurance product for people's livelihood relief 、 Carry out catastrophe insurance for municipal projects and small and micro enterprises in Ningbo 、 Participate in underwriting index catastrophe insurance in Guangdong and Hubei in the form of CO insurance . By 2021 year 6 end of the month , CPIC property insurance has provided catastrophe risk protection to the society for more than 210 One hundred million yuan .

By 2021 year 6 end of the month , China's Taibao has become a national 25 provinces , Provide coverage 882 Billion yuan of forestry insurance risk protection . CPIC property insurance is in areas rich in forestry resources , For example, Heilongjiang 、 guangdong 、 Fujian and other places , Increase the promotion of forestry insurance , Actively promote underwriting and claim settlement services based on new technologies such as remote sensing UAV , And explore urban greening forest insurance in many pilot areas , Actively explore the product service mode of grassland insurance and forest carbon sequestration insurance .

since 2014 Year begins , CPIC continues to innovate and develop meteorological index agricultural insurance products . In view of the significant negative impact of extreme weather on Agriculture , This kind of product will 、 Precipitation 、 Meteorological indexes such as wind force are set as parameters to trigger compensation , Reduce the difficulty of loss determination , Improve the efficiency of claims settlement , Help farmers cope with extreme disasters more timely and effectively .

Strengthen the construction of top-level design , Serving low-carbon circular economy

stay “ Double carbon ” Commitment and “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Under the strategic background of promoting green development , From social responsibility to ESG Strategic upgrading , Pay more attention to green and low-carbon content , The construction of a green insurance system serving the dual carbon economy will be promoted as the key strategic work for a long time in the future .

Participate in the market-oriented transformation of environmental pollution control .2008 From the year onwards , CPIC participates in the R & D and implementation of environmental pollution liability insurance products , Strengthen environmental protection for enterprises 、 Supervision and management of preventing environmental damage . By 2021 year 6 end of the month , CPIC property insurance has become a national insurance company 3,000 Many enterprises provide environmental pollution risk protection , The total insured amount exceeds 30 One hundred million yuan . meanwhile , Continuously upgrade service guarantee , Implement the safety and environmental protection model , Convert traditional insurance into security responsibility + Environmental responsibility guarantee , Help enterprises realize green environmental protection 、 Safe production 、 Saving energy and reducing consumption .

In recent years , CPIC innovative products and services , Increase investment in new energy 、 Environmentally friendly filtration 、 Underground engineering infrastructure 、 Medical devices and other low-carbon environmental protection 、 Support in the fields of green energy conservation and key core components and small equipment , Help transform achievements .

Promote the innovation of CPIC service supporting green products . In the field of nuclear power , China Pacific Property Insurance 2021 In, the chief underwriter of Tianwan Nuclear Power 7-8 Main works of unit , Participate in underwriting other 3 A new nuclear power plant 5 Construction of main works of units ; In the field of catastrophe ,2021 In, a new policy focusing on supporting grass-roots county administrative units to better respond to and adapt to climate change risks was launched “ An Huibao ”, Based on professional catastrophe model and meteorological observation data for many years , Innovatively provide County catastrophe index insurance solutions , Take the financial expenditure of government departments for emergency disaster relief as the guarantee object , Improve the efficiency of financial funds ; In terms of carbon sink ,2021 In, the first forest carbon sequestration insurance policy jointly developed by the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences landed in Hainan , Innovation focuses on the carbon sink function of trees to provide guarantee , Enhance the carbon sequestration capacity of natural ecosystems , Promote double carbon development ; In terms of energy storage operation , By 2021 year 6 end of the month , For the whole country 40 Ten thousand new energy owners have provided 5,497 100 billion yuan of commercial auto insurance protection and 849 100 billion yuan of compulsory insurance coverage , The guarantee of new energy vehicles is in the forefront .

according to “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” The plan establishes the goal of promoting green development and the State Council 《 Guidance on accelerating the establishment and improvement of a green, low-carbon and circular economic development system 》, CPIC will focus on the production system of green and low-carbon cycle development 、 Circulation system 、 A sound consumption system , Accelerate the green upgrading of infrastructure 、 Build a market-oriented green technology innovation system , Continue to promote product and service innovation .

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