School is about to begin! When the new crown vaccination meets tuberculin test, what should we do?

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school begin new crown vaccination

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Red net time 8 month 12 - ( The reporter Ya Nan Chen Liu Dan ) Changsha has started to 12-17 COVID-19 vaccination for young people , Among the children , Some new parents need to complete tuberculin skin test because of enrollment (PPD test ), Parents have some anxiety , The first thing is to vaccinated COVID-19 first. ? Do it first PPD test ? Is there any conflict between them ? Changsha disease control experts give you authoritative answers .

Introduction of Changsha disease control experts ,PPD It is the abbreviation of tuberculin pure protein derivative , It was cultured from Mycobacterium tuberculosis 、 Active substance obtained from filtrate , Its main component is protein . After percutaneous injection , For the body that has been infected with tuberculosis or has been immunized with BCG vaccine , It can cause specific skin allergy .

What is the reason why school freshmen need TB screening? ? Changsha City Center for Disease Control and Prevention 、 School health experts said : At present, tuberculosis is still one of the major infectious diseases endangering the health of our people. , Tuberculosis is mainly transmitted through respiratory tract , Easy transmission , In densely populated schools , If infectious source exists , If it is not handled in time, it is very easy to cause spread and epidemic , It will have a great impact on school teaching , And cause great harm to the body and mind of patients, teachers and students . According to the country 《 School tuberculosis prevention and control work standard (2017 edition )》 Schools are required to make TB inspection items according to relevant regulations as necessary items for routine physical examination of freshmen and teachers. , The qualified physical examination institution shall carry out the physical examination of teachers and students , The physical examination results shall be included in the health records of students and teaching staff .

On the blackboard ! The key is coming. , COVID-19 vaccine and PPD Is there any conflict in tuberculin test ? Recommendations of Changsha disease control experts : COVID-19 vaccine was first vaccinated. , Recommended after vaccination 14 I'll do it in two days PPD test . Tuberculin skin test (PPD test ) When checking , stay 48-96 Observations within hours . If it is generally positive and below , You can get COVID-19 vaccine directly. ; But if the result is moderately positive or above , We must first improve the chest film and other related symptoms and signs , To exclude active tuberculosis. , In order to get COVID-19 vaccine. .

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