Jinjing Town, Changsha County: tea village opens "tea class"

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Tea garden tea conversation , The spirit of the Party Congress and the fragrance of tea are dense .

Red net time Changsha 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Yi Xu ) Tea town is full of tea fragrance , The party masses and Party congresses have been hotly debated and witty . In recent days, Party members and cadres in Jinjing Town, Changsha County have quickly entered the state of , To convey and study the spirit of the 14th county Party Congress as one of the most important tasks at present , The last mile of publicizing and implementing the spirit of the Party Congress through practical actions . Tea garden tea conversation , The spirit of the Party Congress and the fragrance of tea are dense .8 month 11 Friday night 7 spot , In the Tea Museum of Jinjing tea farm ,20 More than Party members and the masses gathered together , Learn... In the form of a tea party 、 Hot discussion on the spirit of the Party Congress , The scene is very lively .

“ After listening to the report of Fu Xuming, Secretary of Changsha county Party Committee , Warm to the heart .” Zheng Yu, the county party representative, shared her feelings with the villagers . Zheng Yu said , The Party Congress looked back on the development of Changsha County in the past five years , Looking forward to the blueprint for the next five years , I feel the county Party committee and government's contribution to improving people's livelihood and increasing well-being 、 Make every effort to open the unshakable determination of Rural Revitalization . As a rural grass-roots cadre , According to “ Strive to be the model and guide of efficient governance at the grass-roots level ” The requirements of , do “ A leader ”. Adhere to the collective interests of the village , Grasp industry 、 Strong entity , Revitalize and develop Shatin village tea resources and tourism advantages , Enrich the village collective money bag ; With “ Five beauties ” Target , Take the beautiful and livable rural construction as an opportunity , Take the lead in benchmarking and demonstrating the new journey of Rural Revitalization , Dress up and make the villagers livable “ face ”; Insist on “ Party building + 50 ” Construction is the guide , Give full play to Party members and “ Oro ” The role of local sages , Do not hand in contradictions , Contradictions do not leave the village , Building stability 、 Safety 、 Harmonious rural style and civilization .

“ Changes in hometown , the whole world is turned upside down .” Lin Chuangxin, the old village party secretary, sighed , Hometown will only become more and more beautiful . Retired from the second tier, he was hired as an executive tutor for the construction of beautiful and livable villages , In the hot construction site of livable home , Look at the party members and cadres who take the lead in demonstrating , Looking at the sweaty neighbors , He was glad that he had not left the party , In revitalizing the countryside 、 Played a role in the journey of building a beautiful home .

“ Good air 、 The environment is good , In a good mood ; The road becomes hard, wide and comfortable , Fitness ground 、 Equipment from scratch to perfect , Happiness is stronger .”25 Liu Jialong is a native of Jinjing , Witnessed the earth shaking changes of Jinjing in the past five years . He just joined the party and said at the tea party , The glory of the party flag 、 And the example of the village pointed out the direction for their future , Young people should follow the example of excellent old party members , To receive higher education, we should base ourselves on our hometown , Shoulder the responsibility of revitalizing our hometown , We should serve the villagers with affection .

The spirit of the 14th county Party Congress is inspiring , In the next five years “ The blueprint ” Push people forward . next step , Jinjing town Party committee will continue to play “ Green tea town ” advantage , Adopt tea garden tea party 、 Theme Lecture 、 Cloud classroom 、 The official account is open , Further mobilize party representatives 、 Party Construction instructor 、 The village team , Collectively learn the spirit of the 14th CPC National Congress ; At the same time through “ To promote learning ” The way , Implement the spirit of the 14th CPC National Congress , Continue to struggle on the long journey of Rural Revitalization , Write Jinjing red story .

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