BYD entered the sales list of new energy vehicles in July

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byd entered sales list new

[ Car home   information ]  recently , The Federation announced 2021 year 7 In June, the sales volume of domestic narrow passenger car market ,7 A total of passenger cars were sold in the month 150 Thousands of cars , A fall 6.2%, Decline in chain ratio 4.9%.1-7 Monthly cumulative sales volume 1144.5 Thousands of cars , rose 22.9%. In the major market segments , Total sales of new energy vehicles 22.2 Thousands of cars , rose 169%, fell 3.2%.1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 122.9 Thousands of cars , rose 210.2%. The new energy vehicle market is growing rapidly , Compared with the same period last year , The growth rate of sales is obviously better than that of other models , The future continues to be promising .

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2021 year 7 In terms of new energy sales in January , Wuling Agatsuma MINIEV( Parameters | inquiry ) With 30706 This car continues to lead the whole new energy vehicle market , Cheap and affordable price , Loved by consumers , Become a classic national scooter . BYD Qin ranked second PLUS DM-i models , sales 9127 platform , It is a plug-in hybrid vehicle , Because the price is only 10.58-14.58 Ten thousand yuan , And low car cost , Once listed this year, it has won high recognition in the market . Even now BYD DM-i There has also been a rush to buy the series models , Affected by capacity , BYD officials say , At present, the average delivery time of new orders is 3.5 Months of waiting , We can see how hot it is . Chang'an, ranked third, ran EV, It is also a classic national scooter , Up sharply from last year 1679.3%, Because the price of the national edition is as low as 2.98 Ten thousand yuan , He Hongguang MINIEV equally , It's delicious .

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It is worth noting that , This ideal ONE With 8589 The result of the car rushed to the fourth place in the list , Year-on-year growth 251.3%, Has become the leader of the new forces of car making . Ideal ONE It is a rare new energy vehicle at present 6 seat SUV, Space meets the demand , At the same time, the program can also meet long-distance travel . The ideal car was just 8 month 12 Listed on the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange , Future period . tesla Model 3 Sales fell significantly this month , have only 6477 Results of , It's down from the same period last year 41.2%, This month, a large number of Tesla models manufactured in China were exported to the European market . stay Model 3 After the price reduction of the standard endurance version , And future sales will continue to rise . Xiao peng P7 Our sales have also improved a lot this month , Has surpassed bydihan EV The sales of .

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from 2021 year 1-7 From the sales list in January , Wuling macro light MINIEV With 18.86 The sales of 10000 vehicles continue to dominate the list , tesla Model 3 With 9.13 The sales volume of 10000 vehicles ranked second , Year-on-year growth 60.9%, tesla Model Y With 4.83 The sales volume of 10000 vehicles ranks third . Then byadihan EV、 Ideal ONE、 Changan Benben EV Rank No 4 To 6 name . It can be seen that , The new energy vehicle market continues to show polarization , The sales of both entry-level models and medium and high-end models are significantly better , and 10-20 The model market at the middle price of 10000 yuan is still a blank area .

at present , The new energy vehicle market continues to improve , It only takes time to catch up with traditional fuel vehicles , It is worth noting that , stay 10-20 Ten thousand yuan market , Some car companies have begun to make efforts , It is expected that this market space will become the main sales growth range in the future .( Pictures and data sources : Take the cib ; writing / Car home Qin Chao )

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