Jiangsu has temporarily closed the exits or entrances of 93 high-speed toll stations

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jiangsu temporarily closed exits entrances

[ Car home   information ]  recently , We learned from Jiangsu transportation official that , at present , The expressway operation in the whole province is generally stable . By 8 month 12 The morning of 9 when , nanjing 、 wuxi 、 xuzhou 、 changzhou 、 Suzhou 、 nantong 、 lianyungang 、 huaian 、 yangzhou 、 zhenjiang 、 Taizhou and other areas 93 The one-way or two-way entrances and exits of expressway toll stations are temporarily closed , As follows :

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By 8 month 12 The morning of 9 when , whole province 25 One way or two-way temporary closure of ordinary national and provincial roads , As follows :

nanjing 10 strip :

Jiangning G235 Nanjing high tech corridor section of Xinhai line K405+621 The intersection is closed in two directions

Jiangning S002 And S204 Ninggao line K52+800 The junction is closed in two directions to Hushu

Jiangning S002 At the intersection of general Avenue , Two way closure towards Lukou

Jiangning S126 Ningdan line K41+097 At the junction of Anhui , Two way closure

Jiangning S204 And S002 Junction , Two way closure towards Lukou

Jiangning S204 Ninggao line K15+200 Osborn section is closed in both directions ( There is an exit left in the uplink )

Jiangning S243 K82+600-86+100 Two way closure

Jiangning S340 It is two-way closed to Lukou at the intersection of Jiangjun Avenue

LiShui S243 K76+850 The ramp of Lishui development zone is two-way to Xinhuai Avenue, and the lower ramp is closed

LiShui S243 K79+200 Bidirectional S204 The lower ramp is closed

yangzhou 8 strip :

G328 K302 Jiangdu entrance and exit

S243 K2+950 Guazhou ferry

S462 K9+600 South of Yanjiang Road

S611 K7+600 At the junction with Hanjiang River

S125 K43+900 At the junction with Yizheng

S356 K272+200 Jiangdu is at the junction of Hanjiang River

S331 K100+270 ( Yancheng setting , At the junction of Yancheng and Yangzhou )

S356 K272+600 West of dongjiajiang bridge in Touqiao town

Taizhou 5 strip :

G344 highway K135+400 At the junction of qianduo Town, Xinghua City and Gaoyou City, Yangzhou

G523 highway K20+031 Gaogang ferry ( At the junction with Zhenjiang )

S351 highway K116 At the junction of Xinghua Development Zone and Yangzhou Gaoyou City

S352 highway K101+100 At the junction of Chenbao Town, Xinghua City and Jiangdu District, Yangzhou

G328 highway K274+550 The downward direction is the boundary between Kowloon and Yangzhou ( Unidirectional closure )

huaian 2 strip :

S348 K196+500 To Hongze city

S350 And S247 At the intersection S350 To Hongze ( compile / Car home Andy du )

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