BMW's net profit soared 20 times in the first half of the year, and the price of models was strong due to the shortage of chips

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bmw profit soared times half

Economic observer network The reporter Zhou Ju    The intern Rao Fuying   Although the price fluctuation of raw materials and the tight supply of chips continued to impact the automotive industry in the first half of the year , But the performance of BMW Group, a luxury car manufacturer, is quite bright . According to the recently released by BMW 2021 The first half of the year , Its net profit in the first half of the year soared to 20 times . Why , In addition to the low base number affected by the epidemic last year , BMW officials say , It is mainly driven by the increase in sales and price in the new and used car market .

Detailed data shows , BMW Group's revenue in the first half of this year was 553.6 Billions of euros , Year-on-year growth 28.1%; Net income of 76.23 Billions of euros , Last year, the figure was only 3.62 Billions of euros . BMW's net profit in the first half of the year has exceeded its net profit in 2019 In the year ( Not affected by the epidemic ) Total profits (50.22 Billions of euros ).

In the first half of the year , The EBIT margin of BMW's automotive division reached 13%. The double-digit EBIT margin has not been seen for BMW for a long time . data display ,2020 year , BMW's EBIT margin is only 2.7%,2019 Years for 4.9%,2018 Years for 7.2%,2017 Years and 2016 Years are 8.9%.

Based on the good performance in the first half of the year , BMW Group will 2021 The EBIT forecast for the whole year was raised to 7%-9%, This is better than this year 3 Of the month 6%~8% Rise again , This means that BMW hopes to return to the pre epidemic profit margin this year , Even three years ago . It also reflects BMW's commitment to 2021 The development confidence in is relatively sufficient .

Behind the sharp increase in net profit and profit margin , It is inseparable from the improvement of BMW sales , Especially the growth of sales in the Chinese market .

data display , BMW Group's global cumulative sales in the first half of the year 117.83 Thousands of cars , Year on year 2019 Annual growth 9.5%. In the first half of the year, the Chinese market delivered 46.7 Thousands of cars , The... That accounts for global sales 39.64%. Although among the top three German luxury cars , BMW's global sales are 0.5 Ten thousand difference is behind Mercedes Benz . But in China , BMW sits firmly BBA First half sales champion .

In the domestic market , BMW 3 system 、 BMW X3 And BMW 5 The series is the main sales force of BMW . The data of the ride show , This year, 6 Month BMW 3 Department and 5 The sales volume of the series is at the forefront of the car list ,3 The Department is the leader BBA Car sales , Far more than Mercedes Benz C level 、 audi A4L And so on .

While the sales volume increases , There is an industry point of view that , Affected by the shortage of chips and low inventory , Luxury car brands have more pricing power in terms of price , The terminal discount is reduced to a certain extent , This may also push up BMW's profit and profit margin to a certain extent .

in addition , BMW's new energy models also provide a certain degree of support for its sales performance . In the first half of this year , BMW sells new energy vehicles around the world 15.3 Thousands of cars , The year-on-year growth doubled . China is BMW's largest new energy vehicle market in the world , This year, BMW's new energy vehicles have achieved 56% Year-on-year growth , Among them, BMW 5 Department of new energy 、i3 Our sales have increased .

future , The new energy strategy will become an important starting point for BMW's future development . According to the planning of BMW Group , BMW to 2023 In, it will provide about... To the global market 12 A new pure electric product , Pure electric layout covers 90% Market segmentation ; To 2030 Total sales of pure electric vehicles in 1000 Thousands of cars , Pure electric vehicles account for at least... Of BMW Group's delivery 50%.

This shows the ambition of this century old car company to fight back in the field of new energy vehicles . In this year 3 month , BMW Group CEO Zipzer once called for representatives of new car manufacturers —— tesla :“ With the advancement of the electrification transformation process of major traditional automobile enterprises , Tesla no longer has a first mover advantage , It's time for traditional car companies to fight back .”

But BMW also faces many challenges in its next development , This includes the continuous shortage of chips and increasingly fierce market competition .

“ Affected by common risks such as raw material prices and chip shortages , The second half of this year is also full of greater uncertainty for BMW Group .” For the development in the second half of the year , Zipzer said . The two issues he raised are also issues that the whole industry needs to deal with together .

in addition , With more and more cross-border capital entering the automobile industry , Like millet 、 Baidu 、 Foxconn and so on , The competition of new energy vehicle track is becoming increasingly fierce . In the competition with these so-called new car manufacturers , BMW, which is considered to be the representative of traditional automobile enterprises , How to overtake in terms of technology and service , And finally achieve breakthrough worthy of attention .

To enhance competitiveness , BMW is putting R & D into the development of new models 、 Electrification and automatic driving . Results show that , BMW's R & D investment in the first half of the year was 25.74 Trillions of euros , Accounting for the total revenue 4.6%. Products , BMW will launch... In the second half of the year BMW7 system 、BMW X1 And other pure electric products , To achieve its 2021 Launched in China in 25 The goal of this model .

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