Rush to the hot search! The Internet revealed that Zhang Yishan was punished by the traffic police for driving a luxury car illegally, and the co pilot sat with a beautiful woman

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rush hot search internet revealed

Zhang Yishan is a young man who made his debut very early , And he has accumulated a lot of popularity with his efforts . Some time ago , He starred in 《 The deer and the cauldron 》 It also detonated the outside world every minute , But despite his hard work , But it still became the laughing stock of the people who ate melons .8 month 12 Number ," There was a period of silence " Zhang Yishan is on fire again , This time he was punished for violating traffic regulations and went to hot search , But the funny thing is , The outside world has focused on his co pilot girl , Everyone guessed that this was his new girlfriend . So is that true ?

8 month 10 Number , The Beijing traffic police official released 1 Penalty message , The sharp eyed fans have long recognized from the picture that the big man who committed the crime is Zhang Yishan himself . According to the police announcement , Zhang Yishan was punished for violating traffic rules 100 block , At the same time, I deducted 3 branch .

From the screenshot of Zhang Yishan driving at that time , He drove the car directly to the double yellow line , It's really against the traffic rules . Friends who are a little familiar with traffic rules know , Motor vehicles cannot drive to the yellow line , This means that he did break the rules , Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the handling of the traffic police . But the girl next to Zhang Yishan has become a bright spot , All at once on the hot search .

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