The front face changes obviously, and the application drawing of the new Great Wall gun off-road version is exposed

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face changes obviously application drawing

recently , We obtained a set of application drawings for the off-road version of the new Great Wall gun from the website of the Ministry of industry and information technology , The front face of the new car changes very obviously , Looks wilder and more muscular .

The specific term , The new car's headlights have undergone a new design , Get bigger , The internal structure is also more complex , The effect should be better when lit . The front grille adds a lot of chrome decoration , And the Great Wall cannon LOGO Also magnified , Generally speaking, it has the style of American pickup truck . in addition , A black guard is added to the engine compartment cover , Looks more wild .

The side , The handle of the new car has been changed to black , In addition, there are slight changes in the style of wheel eyebrows and the shape of wading throat . The luggage rack of the new car has been changed from cash black to silver , In addition, the two-color rim is also a new shape . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 5465/5496*1992*1960mm, The wheelbase 3350mm.

The tail also changes a lot , Firstly, the internal structure of the tail lamp group is redesigned , The door handle of the rear boot is concealed , The style of bumper is also different from cash . The gantry of the new car has been widened and inherited the high brake light .

Configuration , New vehicles support the optional sunroof 、 Rear tail light and front winch, etc . The power is to carry the Great Wall GW4C20B Model number 2.0T Gasoline turbocharged engine , Maximum power is 221 horsepower (165 kw ).

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