Control is king! Where does BMW's sports gene come from?

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control king bmw sports gene

For a long time , Mercedes 、 BMW 、 The top three of Audi Germany occupy the main share of the luxury car market , Mercedes Benz emphasizes luxury 、 BMW shows sports 、 Audi leads automotive technology 、 So where does BMW's sports gene come from ? In this issue, let's talk about BMW .

BMW Group is one of the most successful automobile and motorcycle manufacturers in the world , owns BMW、MINI and Rolls-Royce Three brands ; At the same time, it provides auto finance and high-end travel services . As a global company , BMW Group is in 14 Countries own 31 A production and assembly plant , The sales network is all over 140 Multiple countries and regions .

For a long time , BMW Group has always proved its strength in sports events , Won numerous Championships and set many new records .1937 year ,BMW Motorcycles run at an hourly rate 279.5 Kilometers set a new speed record for motorcycles , The record has been maintained 14 year .1940 year , In the famous Italy “Mille Miglia” In the competition , Legendary BMW 328 Win the championship of the whole level .1973-1979,BMW 6 Won the European Touring Car Championship for the first time .1983 year ,BMW Win the formula one car race .BMW Continue the glory of sports to today .

However, it is the one who really carries forward BMW's sports gene BMW 3 system , As the soul model of BMW ,BMW 3 With excellent performance , Unique driving pleasure , Got it “ Real world car ” The reputation of the , It is considered to be the benchmark of compact luxury cars in the world , And its real performance is worthy of this title . But there is only one way to really feel BMW's sports genes , Is to sit in the cockpit in person , Start the engine , Let's have an exchange between people and cars .

That's all about BMW's sports gene , If you have your own point of view , Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section .

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