The king of car glass! Have you heard of Fuyao Group?

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king car glass heard fuyao

When talking about the brand of automobile glass, few people may care , But if you have noticed the glass signs of your vehicles , All products belong to Fuyao Group , How powerful is such a low-key Chinese enterprise ? In this issue, let's talk about Fuyao Group .

Fuyao Group is the largest enterprise in China 、 High level of Technology 、 The largest export supplier of automotive glass , product “FY” Trademark is the only trademark in China's automotive glass industry so far “ China's famous trademark ”, Its production lines are distributed all over the world , Famous documentary 《 American factory 》 It tells the story of Fuyao Group in the United States .

All the achievements of Fuyao Group are inseparable from its high-quality products 、 Leading R & D Center 、 Perfect product line, etc , All these determine the strong market development of Fuyao products , It's printed “FY” The automobile glass with trademark not only firmly occupies the share of the domestic automobile glass supporting market , It also broke into the international automobile glass supporting market , And has made remarkable achievements in the highly competitive international market , At present, Fuyao Glass plays an important role in the global automobile production and supply chain .

Fuyao Group is a model for Chinese enterprises to go global , With the further deepening of China's reform and opening up , People's living standards are constantly improving , Car into the homes of ordinary people , No. 1 in China 、 Fuyao Group, the fourth largest group in the world, is bound to take advantage of this east wind , Take advantage of the situation , As a Chinese enterprise with international influence , Fuyao Group will also have great leap forward development in the future .

That's all about Fuyao Group , If you have your own point of view , Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section .

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