Capacity is mainly used for export? Tesla's sales in China plummeted 68%

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capacity mainly used export tesla

According to the statistics of relevant institutions , tesla 7 The sales volume in China in January was 8621 car , Decline in chain ratio 69%. At present, Tesla has put into production two models in China , Namely Model 3 as well as Model Y, As a pillar of sales Model 3 Have reached 2.5 Monthly sales record of more than 10000 vehicles , It seems that Tesla's peak is no longer .

China's car sales figures have also been released by the passenger Federation recently , Tesla is 7 The wholesale sales volume reached 32968 car , An increase of 199%. It's not hard to see. , Tesla's wholesale sales are still bright , But sales in China have fallen a lot , It shows that Tesla Shanghai plant is in 7 The new cars produced in January are mainly sold abroad , This is also the first time that Tesla's monthly export volume has exceeded 2 Thousands of cars , Exports increased month on month 385%. among ,Model 3 Our export volume is 16137 car , Record high ;Model Y Our export volume is 8210 car .

There are industry insiders said , Tesla's cars made in China are mainly exported to Japan and European markets , Tesla also said in the second quarter earnings report ,“ Due to strong local market demand in the United States , At the same time, considering the optimization of the global average cost , Tesla has completed the transformation of Shanghai Super factory as its main automobile export center .” This is what uncle Che understands , Tesla in order to reduce production costs , Therefore, take the factory in Shanghai, China as the main production base , Its name is to transform it into an automobile export center , In fact, because the domestic labor force is cheap enough , Even if domestic sales decline, it is impossible to give up the Chinese market .

But Tesla understands the psychology of Chinese people , Every price cut can create a wave of sales wave , And Tesla has many patents that have not been applied to automobile manufacturing , Over time , Tesla's products will experience price cuts again and again , But this will only make most old car owners feel uncomfortable , And lose more and more supporters .

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