The king of the ball becomes the king of the car in seconds? Messi signs Jaguar Fe team to enter the racing industry

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king ball king car seconds

Uncle Che learned recently , Jaguar motorsport official account (Jaguar Racing) Posted a message on overseas social platforms , The content roughly means : Argentine footballers 、 Former Barcelona Football Club player Lionel Messi (Leo Messi) With Jaguar FE Team signing , Will be a backup driver for the eighth season FIA electric formula World Championship .

Messi's full name is Lionel · Andres · Lionel messi · Cusidini , By the end of 2021 year , Messi won 6 The Golden Globes 、6 Second World Footballer 、6 The second European golden boot Award 、8 The golden boot of La Liga , Are the most in history . As a top professional player with many honors , Its salary is definitely the top in the world , The garage is filled with all kinds of super luxury cars , It's not impossible to switch to racing on a whim .

Is Messi really going to give up the stadium he has been playing for many years , Shine on the racetrack ? Shortly after the announcement on Jaguar motorsport's official account , According to the official account of Barcelona football club, Messi has not renewed his contract with the club , So Messi is currently a free agent .

Uncle Che learned , The eighth season FIA electric formula World Championship will be held in 2022 year 1 month 28 It's officially opening day , According to the current plan ,FE The Chinese Grand Prix may be held in 3 month 19 Saturday, , Maybe we will see Messi galloping on the track in Jaguar racing clothes , Let's wait and see .

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