The new brilliance BMW X3 comes on the market at a price of 392800

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new brilliance bmw x3 comes

This week, , BMW Brilliance in the medium term X3 Officially listed , New car launches 3 models , Price range: 39.28 Ten thousand yuan -47.58 Ten thousand yuan , Compared with the old model, the price has increased .

New BMW X3 Outline a strong and dynamic body appearance with sharp lines ,3D Stereo effect adaptive LED The headlight design is eye-catching , Fully express your sports personality , With the integrated double kidney air inlet grille with larger size , Bring strong visual impact . Blackened design 3D Three dimensional suspension LED The tail lights further highlight the sporty style .

New BMW X3 Comfortable seats as standard , With perforated design Sensatec 2.0 Wrapped in synthetic leather , High quality , Unique to the Chinese market . Intelligent inductive atmosphere lamp with panoramic skylight , Careful detail design everywhere , Create a more harmonious interior atmosphere . Besides , The new car is equipped with a new generation BMW iDrive7.0 Intelligent human-computer interaction system , Matching double 12.3 Inch screen , Bring a more intuitive interactive experience .BMW The design of intelligent interconnected cockpit is exquisite , Leapfrog driving is within reach , Provide BMW Automatic driving assistance system Pro And other innovative functions , Realize the perfect balance between science and technology and practicality .

motivation , The whole series is equipped with strong 2.0 l B Series engine , Provide 25i and 30i Two power versions , The maximum horsepower is respectively 184Ps、252Ps, The peak torque is respectively 300N·m、350N·m, Matched with the standard configuration of the whole system 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , Bring a steady stream of surging power .BMW xDrive Intelligent all drive system , Also for new BMW X3 Give you the ability to drive and control under multiple road conditions , Walk rough as a smooth road , Let every exploration , Are worthy of praise .

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