Another cool car? Domestic new Infiniti qx60 real car exposure

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cool car domestic new infiniti

In recent days, , Uncle Che has won a new generation of domestic QX60 Real vehicle diagram of . As a replacement model , The new car continues the design of overseas models , And will use 2.0 l VC-Turbo Variable compression ratio turbocharged engine +9 Power combination of speed automatic transmission .

Domestic new Infiniti QX60 In terms of appearance, large-size air inlet grille is adopted , Exquisite headlight set with air inlets on both sides , It makes the whole vehicle look very high-grade , The overall appearance still continues the style of overseas models .

The rear part , Domestic new Infiniti QX60 A new design concept is adopted , The exquisite blackened tail lamp is very eye-catching ,LOGO Located in the middle of the tail lamp group and equipped with INFINITI English logo , The overall visual effect of the tail is more sinking , Cooperate with the hidden exhaust system at the bottom of the rear , Look low-key and athletic .

Body size , Domestic new Infiniti QX60 The length, width and height are respectively 5127mm、2005mm、1767mm, The wheelbase is 2900mm, The super long wheelbase will certainly make the performance of the rear legroom more excellent . Besides , Domestic new Infiniti QX60 The whole system is equipped with shark fin antenna as standard , Provide different styles of luggage racks 、 Different styles of side door lower trim strip 、 Different styles of back doors / Back door glass 、 Different style rims 、 Options such as roof color matching different from the body color .

motivation , The domestic brand-new Infiniti declared this time QX60 carrying 2.0T The engine , Maximum power is 185kW.

For the new domestic Infiniti QX60 What do you think ? Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section .

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