Versailles again! Geely's 4th generation imperial orders exceeded 10000, adding 5000 "upward red envelope gifts"

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versailles geely 4th th generation

It's just 8 month 10 Japan , geely …… Coming to Versailles . before , Gilidi 4 Dai Dihao officially announced the pre price to the outside world through the official account , Launch noble 、 Two flagship models , The pre-sale prices are 8.7、9.2 Ten thousand yuan , And did “ Ten times the deposit ”, Success has caused the price of new cars to sink again 5000 element , That is, the final pre price of noble 8.2 Ten thousand yuan 、 The flagship is 8.7 Ten thousand yuan , The quota is before rush booking 10000 name .

Just a few days after the pre-sale opened , end 8 month 8 The morning of 7:50, Gilidi 4 Dai Dihao's pre-sale order has broken ten thousand . So Geely came “ Versailles ” 了 , Announce the launch of 5000 individual “ Upward red envelope gift ”. therefore , Now for Gilardi 4 Users who are interested in daidihao still have the opportunity “ inflation ”. besides , Add more 5000 individual “ Upward red envelope gift ” Enjoy the same rights and interests as before 10000 The two are consistent , The details are as follows :

“ Upward red envelope gift ”: Ten times the deposit ,500 The deposit is deducted 5500 element

“ Upward Asian Games Ceremony ”: Tickets for the Hangzhou Asian Games 1 Zhang ( front 5000 name ), Newly added “ Upward red envelope gift ” I'm sorry to miss

“ Upward financial gifts ”:36 period 0 Rest

“ Upward boutique gift ”: Book and enjoy value 999 Yuan boutique gift

“ A new ceremony ”: Add and exchange to enjoy 5000 Yuan subsidy

“ Upward flow ”: Lifetime free Internet of vehicles traffic

meanwhile , The first 4 Dai Dihao also launched “ Upgrade ” welfare , That is, Book Noble , It can be automatically changed into flagship at the time of delivery , The flagship model will be further returned to the flagship model minus the price difference of the noble model . For the first 4 Dai Dihao , It carries the advantages of the first three generations of models and the pin crown halo , Plus Technology 4.0 The subversive changes brought about by the times , Hard core power will not be described too much .

In terms of shape , It bears “ Xiaoxingrui ” Name , More dynamic in design 、 Grade , And 2021 Style Regal UP It's very different from . The straight waterfall grille is now more harmonious , Fractured LED Daytime running lights also fit better 4 Identity of Dai Dihao . In terms of size , The first 4 Dai Dihao has also made all-round changes and upgrades , Make its all-round strength of the entry-level compact car improve again .

interiors , The first 4 Dai Dihao is also endowed with a new atmosphere by Geely , With the latest family design , More in line with the current consumer's aesthetic . besides , Car networking 、 The liquid crystal instrument 、 Multifunction buttons 、 Leather seats and other functions are available , have everything that one expects to find , To a certain extent, it also ensures the second 4 The strength of Dai Dihao .

It is worth mentioning that , The first 4 Daidihao has made a big upgrade in terms of workmanship and materials, even the overall layout concept in the car , Make the car more classy .

motivation , The first 4 Dai Dihao 1.5 Lift naturally aspirated engine , matching CVT Stepless gearbox , In terms of power, it is also slightly improved compared with the previous generation models .

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Have sales champion details , Carrying the burden of Geely's continued upward car sales , The first 4 Daidihao is a model that can't fail as long as it is launched . At present, the third 4 From the pre-sale performance of Dai Dihao , The result does not seem to exceed “ The first 4 Daidihao project team ” The expectation of , And follow up in real time , Continue to add 5000 individual “ Upward red envelope gift ” To give back to users , It can better show Geely's first 4 Dai Dihao's hard core strength , No wonder it looks a little “ Versailles ”.

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