The Ministry of industry and information technology issued a document to strengthen the data security of intelligent networked vehicles

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ministry industry information technology issued

8 month 12 Japan news : Today, , The Ministry of industry and information technology issued opinions on strengthening the management of intelligent networked automobile production enterprises and product access , Enhance vehicle data security 、 Network security 、 Software upgrade 、 Functional safety and expected functional safety management , Promote the high-quality development of intelligent networked automobile industry .

Opinion request , The enterprise shall establish and improve the automobile data security management system , Fulfill the obligation of data security protection according to law , Clarify the responsible department and person in charge . Establish data asset management account , Implement data classification and hierarchical management , Strengthen the protection of personal information and important data . Build technical measures for data security protection , Ensure that data is continuously in a state of effective protection and legal utilization , Implement data security risk assessment in accordance with laws and regulations 、 Data security incident reporting and other requirements . Personal information and important data collected and generated during operation within the territory of the people's Republic of China shall be stored in the territory in accordance with relevant laws and regulations . Need to provide data to overseas , It should pass the data exit security assessment .

meanwhile , An enterprise shall establish an automobile network security management system , Implement the network security level protection system and the real name registration management requirements of the car network card according to law , Clarify the responsible department and person in charge of network security . Have the ability to protect the automotive electronic and electrical system 、 Technical measures to protect components and functions from network threats , Have the ability of automobile network security risk monitoring 、 Technical conditions for discovery and disposal of network security defects and vulnerabilities , Ensure that the vehicle and its functions are protected , Ensure the safe operation of vehicles . Implement the reporting and handling requirements of network security incidents in accordance with laws and regulations .

Besides , Opinions also require , Enterprise production has online upgrading ( also called OTA upgrade ) Functional automotive products , The management ability suitable for automobile products and upgrading activities shall be established , With online upgrade safety impact assessment 、 Test verification 、 Implementation process assurance 、 Ability to record information , Ensure that the vehicle is in a safe state when upgrading online , And inform the vehicle user of the purpose of online upgrading 、 Content 、 How long does it take 、 matters needing attention 、 Upgrade results and other information .

Enterprises produce auto products with automatic driving function , It shall be ensured that automotive products meet at least the following requirements :

1. It should be able to automatically identify the failure of the automatic driving system and whether it will continue to meet the design and operation conditions , And can take risk mitigation measures to achieve the minimum risk state .

2. It shall have human-computer interaction function , Displays the operation state of the autopilot system . The driver is required to perform dynamic driving tasks under specific conditions , It shall have the function of identifying the driver's ability to perform dynamic driving tasks . The vehicle shall be able to reasonably use the light signal according to laws and regulations 、 Interact with other road users by means of sound, etc .

3. It shall have event data recording system and automatic driving data recording system , Meet relevant functions 、 Performance and safety requirements , For accident reconstruction 、 Responsibility judgment and cause analysis, etc . among , The data recorded by the automatic driving data recording system shall include the basic information of the vehicle and the system 、 Vehicle status and dynamic information 、 Autopilot system operation information 、 Driving environment information 、 Operation and status information of drivers and passengers 、 Fault information, etc .

4. Functional safety requirements shall be met 、 Expected functional safety 、 Network security and other process guarantee requirements , And simulation 、 Closed site 、 Actual road 、 Network security 、 Software upgrade 、 Data recording and other test requirements , Avoid foreseeable and preventable safety accidents within the design operating conditions of the vehicle .