Will the price of such a new Highlander be increased?

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price new highlander increased

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Toyota Highlander , The weight of these words in the hearts of the people is very high . The whole life cycle of the previous generation of hanlanda was almost “ premium ” and “ line up ” Two key words . Everybody likes it , Short supply has led to the hot situation of the previous generation of hanlanda . Even second-hand hanlanda , It also has a very high hedging rate in the market .

A new generation of hanlanda is late , As soon as the exhibition car in Wuhan arrived at the store, I went to see it immediately . As a result, after watching the car , I'm in a mixed mood .


The new car is handsome enough , A large number of domestic models retain the original design , I can see at a glance that it is different from that of hannanda before .

Although the interior of the new Highlander is also a new design , But compared with competitors , Still very simple , Even rudimentary . Relying on the advantages of body size , Highlander can provide more interior space . But the ride comfort in the car is not well guaranteed .


The first row of main and co pilots performed well , But the second row and the third row have their own pits . The second row seat belt bulges upward too much , And occupy the cushion space , Always diaphragmatic ass . New Highlander designed a total of 3 A wrench for adjusting the backrest at , The functions are also different , It's over designed . And there is no clamping design when the seat is adjusted to the front , It's not convenient to enter the third row . Poor ride experience in the third row , This is also a three row seat SUV Common deficiencies .

Full system hybrid , Perhaps the biggest upgrade of hanlanda at present . After a test drive in Wuhan , Let's try this again “ Bright spot ”.


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