From 66900 sales, FAW Jilin Senya Hongyan was officially listed

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sales faw jilin senya hongyan

[ Car home   new ] 8 month 12 Japan , FAW Jilin Senya Hongyan is officially listed , New car launches 2 models , Price range: 6.69-6.99 Ten thousand yuan . The new car is brand new to FAW Jilin “ Hongtu ” The first product of the product strategy , Locate the small SUV.

FAW Jilin Senya Hongyan Guide price
models The price is ( Ten thousand yuan )
Manual fashion 6.69
Manual comfort 6.99

 FAW Jilin Senya goose 2021 paragraph Basic type

Senya goose ( Parameters | inquiry ) It's in Senya R7 Based on the model , On the appearance 、 interior 、 Make improvements in configuration . aesthetic , New car and Senya R7 More atmospheric than ,“ Big mouth ” The opening is larger , With the huge FAW LOGO The combination makes the front face look more atmospheric ; The Silver Chrome decoration around the upper part also adds momentum to the front face . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4305/1780/1655mm, The wheelbase 2600mm.

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The tail lights of new cars do not adopt the popular chrome strip connection or through design , The whole looks smooth . The tail mark “ Hung ” The characters are designed in red and different Fonts , Appear more varied .

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interiors , The whole new car looks approachable , The suspension screen of the central control is located in the center of the two air outlets , With knobs and buttons, it looks very suitable for home . FAW Jilin did not disclose the configuration information of the new car , As can be seen from the picture , The new car may be equipped with a reversing image 、 Car networking 、 The liquid crystal instrument 、 Multifunctional steering wheel and leather seats .

motivation , New cars will carry 1.5L The engine , The maximum power is respectively 116 horsepower (85kW), The maximum torque is 150 cattle ・ rice , Transmission system matching 5 Speed manual transmission .( writing / Car home Guo Chen )

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