Large truck accidents occur frequently, and intelligent logistics can reduce the accident rate by 19.9%

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large truck accidents occur frequently
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Now let's talk about Intelligent logistics , You might think of two pictures :

On the phone screen , As you leave the warehouse 、 pack 、 The transportation process lights up the progress bar , The goods just chopped are getting closer and closer to you .

In a distant warehouse , People and robots shuttle around shelves and conveyor belts , Carry 、 sorting , Busy up and down .

As for the road , It's an ordinary truck . At most GPS So you can see where you are , Ease the anxiety of waiting .

Not really .

Don't see, don't know , Now there are logistics trucks AI And Internet of things blessings , It's very different .

The evolution of trucks

The truck is equipped with various sensors , The generated data is collected into vehicle chips and the cloud , Combined with the algorithm ——

AI Three elements “ data 、 Algorithm 、 Calculate the force ” That's it .

To ask what specific applications , You can start from the road Security Speaking of , After all :

First the camera + Vision AI The use of , You can feel the road environment .

If the vehicle distance is too close 、 Lane departure or pedestrian detection , It can be ahead of time 2.7 Seconds to issue a warning and automatically report the event photos and videos .

It's best to avoid danger , If it is unavoidable, evidence can also be retained for liability determination 、 Insurance claims .

The status of the driver can be identified internally , Eye closure detected 、 Yawning and other fatigue driving phenomena , Or distracted playing with mobile phones and other dangerous driving behaviors can automatically make sound intervention .

If the machine warning is invalid, it can also be reported to the background , Let the safety operation personnel intervene manually , Until the danger is relieved .

And tire temperature and tire pressure detection 、EBS Electronic brake 、 A series of Internet of things devices such as reversing blind spot monitoring jointly ensure driving safety .

In addition to real-time monitoring and intervention , Behind it is a set of algorithms that score drivers' driving safety through historical behavior data .

Irregular driving behavior 、 Drivers with high safety risks are rewarded and punished 、 Fine management by means of Education .

The system eventually reduced the accident rate 19.9%, The number of risks per thousand kilometers decreased 49.3%.

On average, one driver can be saved from the death line every day .

This whole set of technology is provided by a company called G7 Technology company of , For more than ten years .

According to statistics , China's logistics cost accounts for... Of commodity cost 30% above , Developed countries are generally 10-15%.

therefore , In addition to using technology to increase the safety of road transportation ,G7 There is one more thing to do :

By improving the efficiency of Logistics , Let you chop your hands for less money .

If the efficiency of logistics can be improved 10%, We can help people all over the country in Average savings in consumption 3%, Save a trillion dollars a year , Use more important 、 Better things .

How to achieve this goal ?

Improve logistics efficiency with technology , One focus is to reduce losses .

Just now, in addition to real-time monitoring ,G7 You can also analyze historical security data .

Through vehicle driving, fleet operation management and other data 、 The teams were scored separately , In addition to helping the team carry out fine safety management , It can also help insurance companies to identify risks and differentiate pricing .

The end result is , Good logistics teams get lower premium prices , Insurance companies have also reduced 40% Loss ratio .

Just like this. , Internet of things technology brings logistics not only process monitoring , The data generated by Internet of things devices can provide the ability of analysis and prediction .

Let's take a look at the complete set of Internet of things devices on the truck :

The most interesting thing is Vibration monitoring .

The most important thing related to vibration is the road condition , Use G7 technology 200 Ten thousand trucks run around the country every day , The recorded vibration data are plotted as “ Shake the map ”.

In the past , Which route should I take to transport blueberries from Kunming to Beijing ? Depending on the specific situation, you may choose a time-consuming , Or less toll roads .

Bumpy roads may damage the appearance of the goods , It can't sell at a price .

This loss was difficult to avoid in the past , With a vibration map, drivers can be reminded to avoid bumpy roads and reduce losses , It also keeps you entertained when you receive blueberries .

Improve logistics efficiency , Another focus is to replace the inefficient and non-standard manual links in the past with technology .

For example, use AI Measure the cargo loading rate , Only one lidar sensor is needed , Instead of manual measurement, it is time-consuming, laborious and inaccurate .

Another example is real-time weighing , Cargo weight data is uploaded in real time , Prevent replacement during transportation 、 Fleeing goods . The fleet can also use accurate data to be more convincing when bidding for transportation .

In the past, there was a very important problem in all links of logistics Not modern Link , Fill in the document manually , Manually approve the reconciliation .

Various expenses incurred by vehicles on the road , Such as refueling 、 Maintenance and catering accommodation , In the past, drivers had to pay in advance and wait for a long reimbursement cycle .

The goods shall also be weighed manually when they are transported to the freight yard , Efficiency is very low , I often queue up at the gate of the freight yard .

G7 Our approach is to launch a credit settlement network , Replace manual approval and reconciliation with trusted automatic settlement .

Let the bicycle weigh time from 3 Shorten the minutes to 10 second , Efficiency improvement 18 times . The loading and unloading of goods at the container terminal is carried out by 300 Lift the vehicle to the maximum 900 car , Throughput improvement 3 times .

meanwhile , The driver gets a bill of freight immediately when he delivers it , I feel more secure .

Hardware is also a service

That's what it says , It is not enough to achieve the goal of improving the overall efficiency of the logistics industry .

According to Boston Consulting :

China's logistics capacity market is a typical spindle structure , Small and medium-sized logistics enterprises account for 80% above , among 10-100 A small fleet of cars accounts for 30% above .

But over the past decade , The upgrading of digitization is mainly led and promoted by large industrial platforms and enterprises .

These small and medium-sized logistics enterprises are unable to buy and maintain a large number of assets , If you want new technology to serve them , You can't just sell goods .

The solution is G7 Another label on your body :SaaS, That is, software as a service .

2010 Years from GPS Start with fleet management service of information ,G7 Become SF 、 Debang 、 sto 、 Yunda and other well-known logistics enterprises SaaS Service provider .

But now software as a service is not very accurate , Because they turn hardware assets into services , For example, digital cargo hold .

Such cargo holds are provided in the form of services , Enterprises can flexibly rent according to the needs of light and peak seasons , Save money .

At the same time, access to the digital Internet of things 、 Settlement network and information management platform , Connect the whole logistics scenario .

From the original one 20 The trolley is upgraded to energy tube 200 car , And everyone knows the profit of every job .

To this day ,G7 The Internet of things platform has linked the national super network 200 Ten thousand trucks 、4 More than ten thousand motorcades .

Rely on safety 、 Intelligent equipment and settlement are three business lines ,G7 To get through 「 cargo 、 vehicle 、 people 、 money 」 Intelligent platform , Become a long-term partner of growing small and medium-sized logistics enterprises .


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