Euler cherry cat declaration chart wey Macchiato's pure electric version

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euler cherry cat declaration chart

[ The domestic new car of aika automobile is original ]

Euler's recognition is really not high before R1、R2 Renamed black cat 、 White cat , Originally planned to continue naming by numbers R3 Named good cat , The editor strung the names together to think of a doggerel , A black cat 、 The white cat catches the mouse is the good cat , So I remember their order smoothly . Since then, the models of Euler brand are named after cats , The lightning cat at this year's Shanghai Auto Show 、 Punk cat , Today, we found Euler's cherry cat in the declaration map of the Ministry of industry and information technology , Cherry cat is the first pure electric car of Euler brand SUV, be based on WEY Macchiato made .

In appearance , It can be seen that the model of Euler cherry cat is different from that of the current Euler brand , be based on WEY Made by Macchiato , It can also be seen as a pure electric version of Macchiato , But I changed the Euler brand Logo, There are also changes in design , For example, the front and rear bumpers of different styles have been replaced .

In terms of motivation , Euler cherry cat offers two power versions for consumers to choose , Are equipped with a single permanent magnet synchronous motor , The endurance ranges are 470 Km and 600 km ,470 Km models use lithium iron phosphate batteries , The energy density of the battery is 145.1Wh/kg;600 Km range models use Cobalt Free lithium-ion batteries , The energy density is 172.3Wh/kg.

Edit comment on : As the first pure electric of Euler brand SUV, It has certain advantages in space , At the same time, based on Macchiato , From the perspective of planning, there may be more based on WEY、 The brand of Haval is hung with Euler Logo Pure electric vehicle launch .


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