Exposure of application drawing of BYD dolphin high performance version of electric small steel gun

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exposure application drawing byd dolphin

recently , Che La obtained a group of application drawings of the Ministry of industry and information technology of BYD dolphin high-performance version from online channels . The biggest highlight of the new car is that it is equipped with a maximum power 130 Kilowatt drive motor , And equipped with lithium iron phosphate blade battery .

aesthetic , From the exposed pictures , There is no obvious difference between the new car and the ordinary model , New “ Marine Aesthetics ” Design concept , Smooth lines with simple design elements , Coupled with a variety of refreshing body colors , Looks very young .

The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4150/1770/1570mm, The wheelbase is 2700mm. Although the body is very compact , However, compared with compact cars, the wheelbase is not inferior. I believe it can bring good rear space performance to the new car . in addition , From the information of new car declaration , The new car will provide a very rich choice of trim colors .

The rear side , The new car also adopts the through tail lamp design , The bumper shape echoes with the front of the car , The overall design style is still minimalist . in addition , The sign hung from the rear of the car , We can't tell the difference between the high-performance model and the ordinary model .

motivation , The new car will carry a maximum power 130 KW permanent magnet synchronous motor , Its peak torque is 290 Newton meters . meanwhile , The lithium iron phosphate blade battery has a capacity of 44.9kWh, However, the official has not announced the mileage of the new car . As report goes , BYD dolphins will 8 month 13 Pre sale officially opened on , I wonder if the performance model will appear together with the ordinary model , Chela will look forward to with you .

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