Declaration diagram of Audi q2l RS suite with atmosphere rendering in place

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declaration diagram audi q2l rs

In recent days, , audi Q2L RS The kit model appears in the latest batch of application catalogue of the Ministry of industry and information technology . stay 8 At the beginning of , Audi has released... In China A3 and Q3 The family's RS Kit version , From the chart of this declaration , In the future, Audi may launch more models in the domestic market RS Kit version .

aesthetic , before , Audi with medium-term transformation Q2L Just appeared in China , This exposure is RS The new model adopts the same polygonal air inlet grille as the new driving model with the grille contour of chrome trim strip , But the interior uses different Chinese open shapes , Its design is the same as that of Audi in the medium term Q5L The sporty models are quite similar . in addition , The bumper design of the new car is the same as that of the ordinary version Q2L There are also obvious differences , Silver trim is used to form a through effect , Make the front of the car look more layered .

The new car has an exclusive navy blue paint color , And it will be equipped with a new two-color five spoke sports wheel , stay C Silver decorative cover plate is also provided at the column position , To highlight their own differences .

The rear side ,RS The main changes of the kit model focus on the bumper area , Its shape echoes with the front of the car , The black trim panel at the bottom is also designed to look like an air diffuser , Silver ornaments are used on both sides to imitate the shape of exhaust holes , But in fact, the new car still adopts a hidden exhaust layout .

motivation , The power of the new car will not be adjusted , Still carry 1.4T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 150 horsepower , Peak torque 250 Newton meters , matching 7 Fast double clutch gearbox .

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