Starting from 99900, lingzhi plus travel edition was officially launched

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starting lingzhi travel edition officially

In recent days, , Dongfeng fashion lingzhi PLUS The travel edition was officially launched , A total of 4 models , Official guide price 9.99 Ten thousand yuan - 11.19 Ten thousand yuan , Bring users a new choice of comfortable business travel , At the same time 10 Ten thousand yuan level MPV The market brings better products , Make the market more competitive , So that better products can appear in the future . This time, we also launched a comprehensive discount to the highest 13000 element , You can also enjoy Tanabata benefits and customize four seasons car colors for free , There's still a chance 818 Car buying Festival 8.8 Discount car quota . The highlights of this new car include four new appearance colors , Provide 7 Seat and 9 Two versions , Second row seats 360° The rotation of the .

aesthetic , The new car still adopts a tough MPV modelling , But with more modern elements . At the same time, through the spring breeze green 、 Xia Menglan 、 Autumn red 、 Dongsongqing four custom car colors , And bring a younger visual experience , The travel version also offers more high-end wooden floors 、 welcome pedal 、 Back table to emphasize MPV The attribute of comfort .

The front of the car adopts a wide air inlet grille , And oversized LED Lamp group , Make the front look more domineering . meanwhile , The new car has 3198mm Extra long wheelbase of , as well as 1920mm Ultra wide body , It ensures the good comfort and riding experience of the members in the car .

Provide 7 seat /9 The use of flexible seat layout , To ensure the 7 Super spacious space experience when people ride , Can also make 9 The seat version is not crowded , Full marks for space performance . Ling Zhi PLUS The travel edition also has a rare in its class 360 Rotate the leather seat by degrees 、 Large sliding doors on both sides 、 External raised integral window , Advanced privacy glass , Luxury window, middle window , Library level NVH、 Overhead rear air conditioner 、 neste EPS System and other luxury configurations .

interiors , The new car adopts a relatively traditional design style , However, it further improves the design details of the sense of technology and fashion , A larger LCD central control screen is used with a multi-functional steering wheel , Let a practical style MPV It also has the performance of catching up with the car interior . At the same time, the decorative board with wooden grain , With dark contrast interior design , It also makes the car more calm .

and MPV It's not always handled well , The heavy impression is also in Lingzhi PLUS The travel version has a better solution .

The new car adopts McPherson front suspension with stabilizer bar , Matching pulse damping system , At the same time, it is equipped with silent comfort tires , Ensure the quiet atmosphere in the car , With smooth body lines , Reduce the drag coefficient , Make one MPV The model can also bring better rest and use feeling .

motivation , With a new car 2.0L Atkinson cycle engine , High thermal efficiency , With manual transmission , Ensure strong power transmission , At the same level 10 Ten thousand yuan , The performance of this engine is lower fuel consumption , The entry threshold is more close to the people . Super cost performance , It's the perfect choice for a start-up family .

Along with the travel version, lingzhi PLUS RV version , The new car is equipped with a liftable roof , It further extends the use space , Raised bed 、 Flexible seats 、 Drawer refrigerator 、 Electromagnetic furnace 、 water tank 、 Configuration of external power supply , The problem of daily life in long-distance self driving travel has been properly solved .

future , Dongfeng fashion will bring more young and brand-new products , Comprehensively improve product strength , Let the use experience of grass-roots consumers go to a higher level , Further meet the diversified needs of consumers . This time Ling Zhi PLUS The travel version is popular in the east wind MPV Another masterpiece of the market .

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