The third generation mingjue 6 Pro was officially listed and sold for RMB 103800-139800

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generation mingjue pro officially listed

【 Pacific Auto Network new car channel 】8 month 12 Japan , Brand new Marquis 6PRO Officially listed . New car co push 5 models , The official price is 10.38-13.98 Ten thousand yuan . at present , The whole department also has a high-energy price , The sale 9.78-13.38 Ten thousand yuan . The new car as a cash Baron 6 The new model of , For appearance and interior , And intelligent and security configuration are greatly adjusted .

The split headlights have been redesigned , The slender daytime running lights are very fierce , The lower headlight group is also LED The light source , And the black broken line trim strips on both sides of the headlamp are also very simple .

The oversized China open is unforgettable , And similar “ Four axis UAV ” Detailed design of , The front bumper looks like the front lip of a racing car , And there's more “ Split ” Structure , In terms of sports atmosphere, it is quite in place .

mg 6 PRO Compared with the body size of mingjue 6 It hasn't changed much , There are only a few differences in the panel according to different appearance , Wheelbase is still 2715mm. The side still keeps the line of the car running , Add a little black trim to reflect the impact .

18 Inch black wheel hub shape is not enough impact , But the red brake calipers are very eye-catching , The tires are Bridgestone's calm series , Size is 225/45 R18, It is in good proportion to the body .

C On the column “Trophy” word , English means “ Competition trophy ”, Although the word appears on the car body, it seems a little uncoordinated , But it also reflects the importance that mingjue attaches to this car .

The rear of the car keeps up with the famous Baron 6 The same design , But a larger tail is added , The size of the exhaust port with two outlets on both sides is very large , If you look down, you'll find that it's actually everywhere . In addition, a central rear fog lamp is arranged in the middle of the rear bumper , Further increase its sports atmosphere .

The interior part is basically the same as mingjue 6 equally , It's just more advanced and sporty in detail . The overall style is still relatively simple design , Most of the lines are straight . The electronic bumper and the large screen of the vehicle are not outdated in the scientific and technological configuration .

A little different is that there is a layer of suede on the outer ring of the steering wheel , More comfortable grip , And the friction is greater . The color of the seat belt has also been changed to a more bright yellow . in addition , The seats became a double color design , And added... To the headrest “MG” Embroidery .

12.3 The inch LCD instrument panel can change the background color according to different driving modes , It can also display horizontal g value , Then cooperate with the central control screen in “SUPER SPORT” Coolant temperature in driving mode 、 Turbine pressure 、 Display of oil pressure and intake air temperature , Everything you can handle in driving .

In terms of configuration, the highlights of the new car , Intelligent technology is its main theme , Equipped with Venus intelligent system . meanwhile , The new car can also realize full access to Ali's ecological services , Flying Pig 、 Panning ticket 、 Ink weather 、 Car home 、 The air travel 、 Ali health and other practical life App. Besides , It also supports smart car home interconnection , adopt App Or voice assistant , Users can remotely control the home air conditioner in the car 、 Humidifier and other equipment , The future passes OTA upgrade , In the future, more controllable household devices will be installed one after another “ Get on the train ”. in addition , It also supports 360 Child safety watch interconnection function , Users can click on the large screen to query the location of children , And one click navigation to pick up .

Security configuration , New cars will carry MGPILOT 2.0 Intelligent driving assistance system , Can be realized L2.5 Plus Class a automatic driving assistance .Super TJA Super congestion assist system , It can effectively alleviate the fatigue of hands and feet dominated by driving ;SAS Intelligent speed system , It can automatically detect road traffic signs , Control the speed within the maximum speed limit according to the road conditions . meanwhile , Have ACC Full speed adaptive cruise control 、FCW Front anti-collision alarm 、AEB Automatic emergency braking and other auxiliary systems .

Before you know it , Mingjue has gone further and further on the road of sports . mg 6 PRO Whether it's modeling or actual driving experience , It is said to be the most fun and dynamic model in 150000 , It can be said that it has firmly grasped the hearts of young consumers , It also gives the brand mingjue its own core competitiveness . I hope mingjue 6 PRO This car will be in the near future , It will also be called “ Civilian supercar ” The next generation of divine vehicles .( chart / writing / taken : Pacific automotive network Yuzhi Bomin )

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