Beijing remote control car mountain running incident owners issued a long response

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beijing remote control car mountain

[ Car home information ]  This morning, , Car house has reported a case “ Remote control car running mountain ” event ( Click on here review ), The video shows , Remote control vehicles occupy the middle of the lane and constantly change routes , As a result, the motorcycle driver almost came into contact with the electric remote control vehicle . Then the driver and co driver of the vehicle had a dispute with the motorcycle driver .

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Recently, we found that the remote control car owner responded to this on the social platform , He said he suffered “ Shut the door ” And cyber violence , He also said that his behavior of playing with model cars on open roads was inappropriate , And will be investigated by the police . But at the same time, the owner also said , It was the motorcyclist who abused him first , That led to the conflict between the two sides , The specific response is as follows :

More videos , On the car home video channel

Here it is , Car home also wants to remind you , Please pay attention to safety when driving on open roads , Try to be calm , avoid “ Road rage ” Attack . Use on the road at the same time RC Remote control vehicles and other behaviors that are easy to affect the driving safety of other vehicles , Please also try to avoid .( writing / Car home Xing Yueyang )

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