National demonstration! Yueyang these villages and towns to be recommended on the list! Is there your hometown?

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national demonstration yueyang villages towns

In recent days, , The reporter learned from the Department of agriculture and rural areas of Hunan Province , Hunan Province plans to recommend the establishment of the second batch of national rural governance demonstration villages and towns, and the list is being publicized , It is proposed to recommend Qingshanpu Town, Changsha County, etc 5 A town of Apply for the establishment of the second batch of rural governance demonstration towns in China , recommend Chunhua mountain village, Chunhua Town, Changsha County 50 A village Apply for the establishment of the second batch of rural governance demonstration villages in China .

Publicity period 2021 year 8 month 6 Japan —8 month 13 Japan .

The second batch of rural governance in China

Create a recommendation list for demonstration towns

Qingshanpu Town, Changsha County

Fenshi Town, Linwu county

Sandaokeng Town, Zhijiang County

Quanjiaohe Town, Heshan District

Dongyueguan Town, Cili County

Zhangguying village .

The second batch of rural governance in China

Create a recommendation list for the demonstration village

Changsha City  

1  xingsha Chunhua mountain village, Chunhua Town

2  Wangcheng District Tuanshanhu village, Wushan town

3  Liuyang City Dongmen Village, Shashi Town

4  Ningxiang city Chenjiaqiao village, jinghuapu township

Hengyang City

5  Hengdong County Nanwan village, Ronghuan town

6  Changning City Shiyuan village, Tashan Yao township

7  Hengnan County Labanyan village, Quanxi town

8  Zhuhui district Xinhua Village, Heping township

9  Hengyang County Xinqiao village, Xidu town

Zhuzhou City

10  Chaling County Wolong village, Huotian town

11  Liling City Sunjiawan village, Sunjiawan town

12  Shifeng District Maotai new village, Jinglong Street

Xiangtan City

13  Xiangtan County Liuqiao village, zhonglupu town

14  Yuhu District Long'an village, Heling town

Shaoyang City

15  Shaodong City Dayang village, Baoqian township

16  Longhui County Rock * Town Xiangjia village

17  hole * county Xiangyang Village, Zhushi town

18  Chengbu County Dan * Town Hualong village

19  Xinning County Taohua village, qingjiangqiao township

Yueyang City  

20  Yueyang County Zhangguying village, Zhangguying town

21  Miluo City Liangjiashan village, Miluo town

22  Pingjiang county Sanli village, Meixian town

23  Xiangyin County Xinhe village, helonghu town

Changde City

24  Tianjin city Daguanshan village, jinyuling Street

25  Anxiang county Xiantao village, Ankang township

26  Dingcheng District Fenglin in lawn town * The village

27  Shimen County Xuejia village, Nanbei town

Zhangjiajie City

28  Sangzhi County Xiaobutou village, Bai nationality township, hongjiaguan

29  Yongding District Matouxi village, wangjiaping town

Yiyang City  

30  Anhua County Lao'an village, Xiaoyan town

31  Ziyang District Fumin Village, zhangjiasai township

32  Yuanjiang City Yanzhihu street, sanyantang village

Chenzhou City

33  Rucheng County Civilized Yao Township Shazhou Yao village

34  Beihu district Po Fu Village, Lutang town

35  Anren County Qiaoshi village, Anping town

36  Yizhang County Dongyuan village, Guanxi township

Yongzhou City  

37  Daoxian Guitou village, Meihua town

38  Dong'an County Maping village, lumaqiao town

39  Shuangpai County Liaojia village, Majiang town

40  Jiangyong County Goulanyao village, Lanxi Yao township

Huaihua City

41  Zhijiang county Guchong village, Heliao township

42  China County Jingping village, Zhongfang town

43  Jingzhou county Linyuan village, Quyang town

44  Huitong County Shangfang village, Baozi town

Loudi City

45  Louxing district Shitang village, Wanbao town

46  Shuangfeng County Huangmazhou village, zimenqiao town

47  Xinhua County Tuping village, Tianmen township


48  Phoenix county Changputang village, liaojiaqiao town

49  Guzhang County Niujiao mountain village, merong town

50  Jishou City Dehang village, Aizhai town

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