Feeling of a second secret contact isolated at home: no lover is affectionate in the epidemic

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feeling second secret contact isolated

2021 year 8 month 8 Japan , This is the tenth day of my isolation at home .

7 month 30 Japan , Early in the morning , Just accept Tian Xinbeite English Training ( zhuzhou ) A student surnamed Yang confirmed the information . That moment , I was extremely upset .

My daughter also has English classes in this school . and , I had classes from seven to nine the night before .

“ Won't win the bid ? How bad luck ……”

panic 、 Impatience 、 uneasy ……

I became overwhelmed 、 be puzzled , The whole heart is cold , The body seemed to be thrown into a cold palace .

My lover is a little calmer than me . She grabbed her cell phone , Pull quickly , Check all kinds of relevant information in the already popular Beite training group . It's like a man falling into the vast sea struggling desperately , I hope I can catch a life-saving straw .

“ Different classes , Different time , Different classrooms , God bless! !” The lover suddenly became a little excited .

“ The cub is not in contact with the diagnosed person in the same time and space , You said you would not be infected ?” My lover seems to be asking me for a positive answer . Actually , She has been frightened . Like a lone frightened bird crying for help ..

“ At least not a close contact , But the risk of infection still exists ” I couldn't give her the answer she wanted .

Soon , I received a call from the District CDC asking people in close contact to be isolated at home . The surrounding area of Beite has been closed , Rapid investigation and isolation measures are being carried out for the action track of the diagnosed person and the contacts .

A time of crisis , The government once again rushed to rescue .

8 month 2 Japan , Accompanied by lover 11 The - year-old daughter was picked up by the epidemic prevention and control personnel in a special car to the student dormitory of the automobile repair vocational college for centralized isolation , Leave me alone at home for closed home isolation . That moment , My heart is cool .

Got a call from the epidemic control center , The lover said to me :“ Let me go with my daughter , Your production is tight , task , To be on standby ”.

What time is it , Still thinking about that . I watched them downstairs , A kind of sadness and desolation of life and death suddenly came to my heart .

From the day of isolation , The siren of the police car on Yunlong Avenue starts to sound around 6 o'clock every morning , Whistling past , It adds more panic to people's hearts . Sometimes it's more than twelve in the evening , You can also hear the rapid sound of police sirens from Yunlong Avenue from far to near , And then from near to far . This is the of the people “ warrior ” The bugle call for fighting against COVID-19. . At this moment , The restless heart calmed down a little .

Thank you for your , The people's police fighting at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic 、 Medical worker 、 Community service personnel and volunteers .

On the second day of my isolation at home , Li Zhen, the trade union staff member of the company, and Qi Tao, the monitor, sent a text message of condolences . Qi Tao also specially called to inquire about my living material reserves , Said to send living materials to the downstairs of the community .

I declined , workshop 、 The Union and his personal care 、 My condolences . I couldn't fight with you , Don't want to add trouble to the unit and organization , Let them spend their time and energy where they need them most .

Where is my community 7 month 30 They adopted a strict closed management that can only go in and out , A national anti epidemic war started quietly .

8 month 1 Friday night , Conduct the first full nucleic acid detection in the community . Luo Qun, a community worker, publishes information in the community group :“ Nucleic acid testers will arrive around 8 p.m , Please the owners according to the building number 1 To 13 Go to the front door of the cell for nucleic acid detection in turn , Put on your mask and ID card ”.

It's more than ten o'clock , We went downstairs and lined up , Everyone is wearing masks , One meter apart , I've only lived in a new community for more than a year , No one knows anyone . But it's in order , Nucleic acid detection was carried out in an orderly manner .

Nucleic acid detection site . picture source : Time news

Although it's night , But there was no coolness , It's still sultry . Medical personnel in protective clothing are approximately armed to the teeth . During the day up to 37、8 It has been working at a high temperature of 90 degrees until now , Has been fighting continuously 15 Hours .

“ Let our inspectors have a rest first , They work too hard .”

There was a sudden proposal in the waiting line .

“ Is ah , Let them have a rest , We'll be fine later , They work too hard , They have to continue working tomorrow .” More voices rang out .

I saw a man in his forties walking towards the inspector from a distance , Bend down and ask for their advice . Then straighten up and turn around , Speak out in a slightly hoarse voice :“ I consulted them , No need to rest , Continue testing ”.

The road outside the community , brilliantly illuminated , But no old vehicles 、 The bustling scene of pedestrians shuttling back and forth .

Isolated loneliness 、 panic , Make it difficult for me to sleep and eat . I began to get upset , Worried that his wife and children will be infected with this damn disease “ The delta ” Viruses .

The nucleic acid test twice in three days is carried out by special medical personnel .

8 month 7 It's more than ten o'clock in the evening , I heard the familiar knock at the door again , This is their third home nucleic acid test .

I open the door , Three full officers “ armed forces ” The young nurse was standing outside the door . I handed my ID card to a female nurse , The other took a long cotton swab that was already ready for me to sample . The movement between the three is smooth , And with tacit understanding . The whole process took less than a minute .

I said to them from my heart :“ thank you ”.

Listen to the news in the group The medical workers who came to Hengyang to do nucleic acid testing for us .

A sincere respect arises from the bottom of my heart ..

Almost every day, the trade union and workshop send condolences or call to inquire . Let me personally feel the deep love and spiritual encouragement brought to me by the party and government workers of the branch . I feel in front of this ruthless new crown , I'm not fighting alone .

Author Liu Song .

Friend Zhifu , Also called to comfort me , I learned that my wife and daughter are all right , He joked and told me to take the opportunity to practice my cooking , Welcome them back in triumph .

On the tenth day of my isolation 8 month 8 Japan , I not only received a condolence call from Wang Sheng, a member of the trade union of the branch company , I also received a very important special gift .

Under the unified deployment of the head office , The labor union of the branch company sent vegetables to our employees who were forced to live in isolation 、 Fruits 、 Meat and other living substances . It's like sending carbon in the snow , Umbrella in the rain . Thank you company , Thank you , Thanks to the organization , The spiritual strength and material help I gave when I was most depressed and helpless .

The good news that the seventh nucleic acid test was negative came from the lover and daughter . My daughter's mental state is also very good , Happy everyday , And tell jokes to mom , I learned to massage my mother's waist before going to bed . The diet is also good , There is a children's package , Fresh fruit and milk are served every day . The hanging heart finally fell down , We are one step closer to victory .

Only those who have experienced the plight and danger of COVID-19. , To realize the love and strength of the party and the government . Only those who have personally experienced the cold of wind, frost, rain and snow , To feel “ warm ” The real connotation and significance of .

My heart is warm , In the years to come , I will push forward , With light , Illuminate yourself , And light others .

【 Author's brief introduction 】

Liu Song , Employees of CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd , Director of Shifeng District Writers Association . There's prose 、 Poetry published in 《 Shifeng Wenyuan 》《 Electric locomotive Report 》.2020 In, he won the third prize of anti epidemic essay of CRRC Federation of trade unions .

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